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Some of the most popular stories of the week

AJ Madison

AJ Madison, entrepreneur

Fourteen-year-old AJ Madison is the owner of AJM Enterprises. The middle school student is working on growing a mobile car wash and detailing business with the help of family and friends.

Beverly Hills teen, 14, starts, grows mobile car-detailing business: ‘I’m a hard worker’

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At 14, AJ Madison, owner/operator of AJM Enterprises, believes in hard work and clean cars so, about six months ago, he started his own mobile car-detailing business.

He also power washes, landscapes, organizes garages, hauls and does other odd jobs.

“I like doing car detailing the most because I like taking care of people’s cars,” AJ said about why he founded his mobile business roughly six months ago. “I don’t want them riding in dirty cars so I go and clean them.”

“This is a great thing for a 14-year-old boy who has lots of energy,” said the teen’s grandmother, Pamela Rutzebeck, “and a good amount of free time on his hands to channel that energy, and he has a lot of hopes and dreams.”

After the seventh grader finishes his daily studies at Lecanto Middle School, where he’s an AB honor roll student every quarter, AJ also assists his mentor, Shawn Nicoleau, owner of All-Star Auto Detailing, with his job.

“He’s very, very motivated, very outgoing and he’s determined to learn,” Nicoleau said about AJ “He’s ready, he’s definitely ready; he has that drive, he’s determined.”

Rutzebeck said she hopes Citrus County’s communities will support their young self-starters like AJ to strengthen the local workforce.

“Support the teens in our area who are looking to build up businesses and build a future for themselves,” she said. “The ones who can create for themselves should be encouraged to do so.”

To set up an appointment, text or call AJ at 352-634-3953.

Despite rumors, Chili’s still coming to Inverness

Chili's in Inverness

Rumors have swirled around the new Chili’s and Capital City Bank in downtown Inverness. The shared building near the US 41 and State Road 44 intersection is on track to open this summer. Rumors surrounding the project have falsely indicated news other than that fact.

For whatever reason, a persistent rumor is making the rounds in Citrus County that Chili’s has backed out of coming to Inverness.

Not true.

Inverness City Manager Eric Williams also hears the comments and cannot figure out how they started and why they are continuing.

“It’s coming,” Williams said. “They’ve got a permit. They’re moving ahead and we look forward to them coming.”

Williams said this will be one of the first Chili’s in the nation that will share a building with another tenant – Capital City Bank.

With construction nearing completion, the tentative opening of Chili’s and the bank is spring 2022.

Retail explosion continues in Lecanto with more store announcements

Lecanto retail

The property immediately east of the Lecanto Walmart is going to have extensive construction. Numerous national stores are reported to have plans to open in the area along County Road 491.

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