10 Missed Story Opportunities in One Piece Pre-Timeskip

As one of many longest working anime in historical past, A chunk doesn’t observe the standard storytelling conventions normally seen in a 12 or 24 episode collection. Extra episodes presently airing in over 1,000 episodes imply extra potential plot gaps to be stuffed.

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If sure factors A chunk the story performed out in a different way, think about how that may have an effect on and even enhance the prevailing story. Even with the continual manufacturing of manga, solely within the pre-time bounce interval, A chunk missed some shocking alternatives.

10 Luffy Would not Eat Satan Fruit Proper Now

within the part 4 A chunkLuffy, kidnapped by Higuma, practically drowns when he’s thrown into the ocean. A couple of minutes later, he was practically eaten by a Sea King. If Luffy had eaten the fruit later, he would have been capable of swim and Shanks would not have needed to save him (or lose his arm for that).

Shanks in all probability would not have given Luffy the straw hat instantly if it weren’t for the preliminary hyperlink between Luffy and Shanks being saved by consuming the Satan Fruit. If that had been the case, Luffy’s pirate crew can be named in a different way and he would later should earn the straw hat in his pirate adventures.

9 Koby Joins Luffy’s Pirate Staff

In A chunkLuffy rescues a captive steward named Koby. The incident occurred throughout Luffy’s seek for the pirate hunter Zoro, whereas Koby might simply have been recruited to be the primary member of the Straw Hats.

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Koby was held captive for kind of two years after making a pact to not kill him in change for cabin upkeep companies by the Alvida Pirates. Assembly Luffy impressed Koby to face up and have the braveness to observe his desires. Koby would finally be a part of the Marine Corps later within the story, however he might observe Luffy as he noticed Luffy as his first buddy.

8 Vivi Rejoins The Straw Hat Pirates

Though I simply hold on to the tip A chunkAlabasta arc, Vivi Nefertari (alongside together with her pet Karoo) is taken into account one of many unique members of the Straw Hat Pirates. Nevertheless, his senior duties finally required him to go away the Going Merry crew. If Vivi had a regent who might take care of the dominion, the princess would have continued her duties as a crew member for a lot of extra adventures.

Many followers proceed to precise their disappointment as a result of they imagine that Vivi might do a greater service as a pirate: her adventures would make her a lot stronger and he or she might use her royal standing to affect different kingdoms and type alliances.

7 Repaired To Be Going Merry A Thousand Sunny

Every pirate crew is definitely identifiable by their ship, and Going Merry has change into an iconic trademark for the 296 models. A chunk sections. Due to the cheerfully named ship, the Straw Hats launched into many adventures and gained numerous battles.

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