10 Naruto Side Characters With Main Character Energy

There isn’t a doubt that it’s. naruto The drama shall be based mostly on the titular shinobi. That is at all times Naruto’s story, though there are lots of filler episodes within the anime that permit different characters stand out. Nevertheless, there are lots of supporting characters who carry their very own model of the principle character power into the narrative.

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Typically this power is so sturdy that characters get a byproduct. For instance, Rock Lee grew to become the principle character of his personal story in a spin-off anime. However different characters aren’t precisely fortunate.



This naruto The franchise loves character parallels. There are too many characters whose story mirrors that of Naruto’s, however a slight twist offers them a really totally different upbringing from his. Considered one of them is Konohamaru Sarutobi.

Konohamaru is the grandson of the Hokage originally of the collection. His household is Anbu members, that means they spend most of their time on undercover missions as an alternative of their sons. He behaves like a baby, in search of as a lot consideration as attainable from his grandfather, even repeatedly attempting to beat him in matches till his dying. Konohamaru might have been a captivating hero as he grew up studying what it means to be the focal point within the village in a really totally different method from Naruto.


shikamaru nara smoking

Shikamaru is a fan-favourite character, largely as a result of great development he has skilled within the collection. Whereas he definitely protested the principle character power as a baby (citing his laziness, admittedly), he definitely has the potential to be a central determine in his personal story.

Shikamaru’s arc sees him develop into a real hero. Though he didn’t need the duty, he selected to be the crew chief along with his logical thoughts. He additionally falls in love with the lady he calls “troublesome” when he has to struggle him in a match. It will be nice for viewers to see extra of her perspective throughout her development.


Iruka Naruto

the viewers sees naruto the story is instructed from the scholars’ perspective, however from the instructor’s perspective the story might be nice. If that have been the case, the main target could be on Iruka.

Not solely does he train all the gen’s group in academia, he’s additionally a long-suffering supporter of Naruto. It is there repeatedly when Naruto will get in bother as a child, even risking his personal life for Naruto regardless of his frequent disappointment.


Tsunade releases her body seal to activate her chakra lines in Naruto Shippuden

Tsunade’s journey by means of the collection is an unbelievable one which followers will solely ever see. He grows up hoping to develop into a shinobi who can change the world, however trauma causes him to flee the village he calls residence and by no means look again after preventing a struggle.

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