10 One Piece theories that changed everything

all through its historical past A bitUp to now, many fan theories have been created and centered round numerous mysterious elements of the story. Whereas some haven’t been confirmed, they’ve had a major impression on others. A bit story topic.

Moreover, A bit Theories are continuously being created and pushed by society. Listed here are ten A bit Theories that modified every thing weren’t listed in any explicit order.

A bit Confirmed and unproven fan theories have the potential to alter every thing.

1) Unproven: Croco-Anne

one of the crucial divisive A bit The theories on the market are the Croco-Mother idea. Primarily, the speculation states that the previous Shichibukai is Luffy’s long-lost mom, however solely discovered about it when his father’s parentage was made public through the Marineford arc.

The speculation has tons of transferring components that, when put collectively, appear to color an image of a convincing argument for the speculation’s validity. If confirmed true, it could extremely successfully change the circumstances of the story up to now.

2) Confirmed: Luffy’s True Satan Fruit

Luffy eats Satan Fruit in One Piece anime (Image by Toei Animation)

11 years later, for the reason that first point out in episode 628, we lastly see joyboy. Lastly we see the true energy of gomu gomu no mi and we see that luffy is pleasure boy and satan fruit has all three sorts of satan fruit. : zoan, logia and paramecia https://t.co/egwQaRrqH4

Nonetheless, after Luffy’s true Satan Fruit was revealed, it was revealed that his Fruit confirmed the attributes of all three classifications. Having the ability to flip the encircling surroundings into rubber is indicative of Paramecia Awakening, whereas the rubber physique is nearer to Logia traits.

Gears’ transformation options surprisingly mimic these of Zoan Fruit customers. Consequently, it’s doable (although unproven) that Luffy’s true Satan Fruit is the ancestor of all Fruits, on condition that he has the attributes of every classification. If this proves to be true, this could fully rewrite the historical past books on Satan Fruits. A bit.

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