10 Overrated Naruto Characters According to Reddit

this naruto The universe is continually increasing due to the high-action spin-off that follows Naruto’s son Boruto. Inside narutoThere are numerous characters from totally different backgrounds with highly effective talents. With over 500 episodes, it is solely pure for some shinobi characters to face out from the remaining.

Nevertheless, the recognition of some characters just isn’t correctly justified, at the least within the eyes of some followers. From Academy trainer May Man to devious spy Kabuto Yakushi, Reddit customers have voiced and chosen the world’s most overrated characters. naruto.


Shisui Uchiha

A member of the Uchiha clan and Itachi’s greatest buddy, Shisui is a extremely expert ninja recognized for his Physique Trembling Method, which permits him to shortly disappear with none hint. Shisui woke up the Mangekyō Sharingan at a younger age, as he witnessed his buddy’s loss of life shortly after the Third Shinobi Conflict.

Shisui can be one of many few folks in Naruto who can create their very own Susanoo. Whereas being beloved by Shisui naruto DualKoo is not fairly used to Shisui, going as far as to say that he is only a “plan system” within the anime.

generally is a man

Might Guy stands in front of Kakashi in the woods at Naruto Shippuden

Inside narutoMan is a very expert Jōnin in hand-to-hand fight. One of many brightest and most optimistic characters within the collection. Tons of viewers discover him endearing as his character is a mirrored image of his optimism and self-confidence.

Though not robust sufficient to change into the Eighth Hokage, Man labored onerous to make use of the entire Eighth Interior Gates. Actually, he might immediately open the primary seven doorways. Nevertheless, it isn’t the identical after utilizing the eighth gates, and Redditor Sea-Jeweler6361 notes that even on the peak “he’ll truly struggle and die in opposition to many opponents.”



Orochimaru performed the primary function because the villain within the first episode. naruto. Though it quickly turns into clear that there are worse beings on the planet. naruto. Orochimaru is intimidated by many shinobi due to his sadistic nature and horrible experiments.

Though the villain solely noticed them as pawns in his plans, he was capable of preserve his affect within the shinobi world for fairly a while by giving a function to outcasts like Sasuke. Whereas many followers thought Orochimaru might stand alone in opposition to most of Akatsuki, granny_granola writes on Reddit that it is onerous to purchase based mostly on Orochimaru’s talent set.

Minato Namikaze

Minato Namikaze

As Naruto’s father and the fourth Hokage of Konoha, Minato earned the title The Yellow Flash for with the ability to use his space-time talents to immediately transfer objects, folks, and even locations. He is additionally one of many few ninjas Gamabunta reveres, giving him entry to the enormously highly effective jutsu of big toads.

On Reddit, Personal-Channel7730 thinks Minato is overrated on “energy phrases” simply because he is Naruto’s father. And whereas most agree, Minato made many private sacrifices to save lots of Konoha.

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