10 Quotes That Prove Glenn Was The Real Leader

“Maggie, I’ll find you.” These were the last words Glenn ever spoke on The Walking Dead, right before his head was bashed in with a barbed wire bat, and it’s a testament to the fan-favorite character’s personality. He was always thinking of others, and even though he knew his life was over, he wanted his wife to know that they would be together, in some capacity, again.

The character, who had one of the most exciting arcs through the show’s earlier seasons, grew from being a comical pizza delivery boy to a fierce fighter. He always had something prophetic and encouraging to say, often with a bit of humor behind it. And although he might not have seemed like it, he really developed into a fantastic leader for the group.


Selfish vs. Selfless

“They were counting on me and I only thought of myself.”

Glenn from The Walking dead sitting on the floor holding a rifle.

It takes a good leader to admit their faults and when they are wrong. Glenn never shed away from doing that. He took ownership of situations if he made a wrong call, and never placed blame on anyone else.

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The quote also shows Glenn’s sense of duty to others. He wasn’t just about saving himself, or even his own family, including Maggie and their unborn child. He recognized that others were counting on him and he had to work as hard as he could prove to them that he was deserving of that trust. If he broke it, he did not make excuses, which is exactly what a leader should do. That’s exactly why he accounts for one-half of some of the relationships that deserved more screen time on The Walking Deadaccording to Reddit.

Not Going To Happen

“I know what you did, and it’s not gonna happen again.”

Nicholas and Glenn avoiding zombies in The Walking Dead.

When Nicholas let others on the team die, Glenn was going to keep quiet about it to give Nicholas a second chance. A good leader knows when to cut ties with someone, but also when someone deserves a second chance.

In Glenn’s eyes, he believed that while Nicholas was a coward, he deserved the opportunity to redeem himself. He hoped the guilt would teach Nicholas a lesson and he would use that to change his ways. Sadly, not only did Nicholas not take the comment to heart, he shot himself, taking both himself and Glenn down with him into a sea of ​​walkers.

Positive Thinking

“I’m a glass-half-full kind of guy.”

A young Glenn from The Walking Dead, smiling and wearing a baseball cap.

While this was one of Glenn’s more light-hearted, humorous quotes, it reflects his personality perfectly. Rather than decide that they were out of options, Glenn always came up with a creative way to do what needed to be done.

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This was evident from his very first episode when he helped save Rick from walkers. Glenn always saw the good in not only people, but also situations. Glenn never gave up and always looked at the positives in any situation.

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