10 Quotes That Prove Zoro Will Be The Greatest Swordsman

While Roronoa Zoro may not have the best sense of direction, there is no doubt that he is one of the world’s greatest swordsmen. A piece. Fans of Zoro will love Wano, the latest arc in the anime where we see full-length Zoro’s swordsman chops for the first time since we entered the New World.

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and as any A piece Fans know, Zoro is on his way to defeating Hawkeye so he can proudly take his rightful place alongside King of the Pirates as the World’s Greatest Swordsman. Apart from the intense action sequences and the courageous determination he displays, Zoro continues to come up with wise words or dialogues that show that his purpose and his team are always on his mind.


Zoro Doesn’t Believe in Meaningless Titles

“Are Titles Useless in Warfare? The Strong Wins, That’s All.”

This line shows that rank doesn’t matter to Zoro; Only one’s strength and determination will determine whether they can win a fight. He said this during a brawl at Whiskey Peak when he faced the First Friend of the Straw Hats against the Baroque Works members.

In the second organization, the lower the number of a worker, the higher the skill area status within the organization will be. But that doesn’t affect Zoro, who just wants to face the strongest person.

The True Mark of a Great Swordsman

“Back Wounds Are A Swordsman’s Shame.”

Zoro crosses swords in One Piece

Being the greatest swordsman doesn’t mean Zoro was never defeated. Following his brutal defeat against Mihawk, which also turned out to be one of the most action-packed episodes. A pieceEven after losing, he is proud to see eye to eye.

That’s why Mihawk decides to spare his life. Zoro didn’t want Mihawk to think he was a coward, which earned Mihawk tremendous respect for the swordsman. He thinks Zoro has too many talents and impulses that can be used for even greater things in the future.

Being Indifferent Could Cost Your Crew Lives

“Getting Caught Unsafe Could Cost Our Lives From Now On!”

Zoro Withstands Luffy's Pain

A great swordsman is not only good at defending and attacking when needed, but he also needs to be aware of his surroundings at all times, especially when his life and that of his friend are in danger. When Zoro was defeated at Sabaody two years ago, he decided never to let that happen again.

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But when Luffy lets Caesar the Clown catch him off guard, Zoro begins to scold Luffy that their life in the New World is more vulnerable than ever before, showing that he cares and fears for Zoro’s crew and his urge to become the greatest swordsman. in part, to protect them all.

Zoro Doesn’t Believe in Showing His Pain

“Nothing happened.”

One Piece Ronaro Zoro

When Luffy is captured by Kuma the Warlord, the Straw Hats rush to his defense, but only Zoro is left standing. When Kuma realizes that Zoro will do anything to save Luffy, he thinks he is First Officer and offers Zoro a deal. Zoro promises to spare Luffy’s life if he can endure Luffy’s pain. Zoro immediately agrees, and Kuma uses his devil fruit powers to transfer the pain from Luffy to Zoro.

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