14 Mind-Blowing Facts About Online Casinos

Playing in online casinos is a fascinating source of income and fun. But do you know precious hidden stories about this industry? Today we’ll spice up your love for casinos with interesting facts, myths, and reports.

Gambling in top online casinos will become more delightful with these intriguing facts running back in your mind. Let’s check out noteworthy online gaming facts and stats.

Origin of Online Casino World

The first casino virtually opened in 1994 by one of the most famous casino software providers, Microgaming. However, it was only a social casino. So InterCasino took the title of bringing the first real money online casino in 1996. Rest is history!

Growing Since 1997

Here’s one of the most interesting facts about casinos. The online gambling industry started gaining fame within three years of its origin. By 1997, more than 200 casinos were available online.

So how much do online casino make back that time? The estimated annual revenue for the gambling market was an average of £1 billion.

The Mobile Gambling Revolution

Today iOS and Android devices allow gambling fanatics to play casino games anytime and anywhere. Operators are also not shying away from developing their casino apps to increase their user base. But from where did it all start?

First online mobile casinos came into the picture soon after the release of the first generation of Nokia phones.

Slots Were Once Fruit Machines

Initially, the winner of slot machines received rewards as fruit-flavored chewing gums. Hence, the name. Various fruit images or symbols on the reels like oranges, cherries, apples, melons, and others.

Majority of Adult US Residents Enjoy Online Gambling

According to online casino statistics shared by Gambling.net, about 85% of American adults trying their hands at online gambling at least once in life. This data shows the gambling fascination among US residents.

More Than Half of the US Online Gamblers are Females

Women are as much enthusiastic about gambling as their male counterparts. As per another survey by Gambling.net, 57% of online bettors are females in America. But the data on online gaming popularity among women can also cover social casino gamers.

Online Gambling Activities Peaked During Pandemic

Online gaming statistics conducted by Gambling Commission UK show that nearly 64% of gamblers played more online during the Covid-19 lockdowns. Hence, many gamers were at the risk of spending more time or money.

In 2021, the US gambling industry revenue was alone $53 billion, as reported by American Gaming Association. This data shows how big is online gambling industry in the US market.

You’re Playing Devil’s Game

Your favorite roulette game was once popularly called Devil’s Game. But why this name? Well, the story behind this gaming fun facts goes like this.

All the numbers on the roulette wheel add to the total of 666, which is supposedly famous as the devil’s number. There is even an inside joke that the creator of roulette, Blaise Pascal, made a deal with the devil. So can online casino be rigged? No, don’t be scared!

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