3 Aubergine-Based Recipes Every Eco-Conscious Vegan Will Love

There are many steps that we can take to help address the threat of climate change. Most of us realize that we should be switching to renewable energy, which is one of the reasons that the demand for solar power has growing sharply and will increase over 20.5% between 2019 and 2026.

However, some steps to improve the planet are going to require tougher sacrifices. This includes moving away from meat based diets to lower our carbon footprint.

You might cringe at the thought of giving up meat, but it can actually be a great way to protect the environment. Someone that eats meat regularly has an average carbon footprint of 3.3 tons of greenhouse gases, while a person following a vegan diet only has a carbon footprint of 1.5 tons of greenhouse gases.

This explains the sudden rise of plant-based businesses. However, it can feel challenging for even the most dedicated environmental activist to give up eating meat. Fortunately, it will be a lot easier if you know what vegan foods you should try. Some great vegan meals can be made with aubergine.

Aubergine is a Great Food for Eco-Friendly Vegans to Add to their Diet

We need to talk about the aubergine, which is known as the introvert of the vegetable world and is similar to the eggplant. The humble aubergine is often overshadowed in Britain by some of its more sought-after cousins ​​(the tomato, chilli pepper, and potato to name just a few). But we don’t think it should be. If you are committed to being an eco-friendly vegan, you should know about this delectable vegetable.

A staple vegetable in Mediterranean countries, aubergines have high nutritional value, a unique flavor, and low-calorie content. What’s not to like?

Aubergines are in season from July to September, but as they can be enjoyed year-round, we implore you to add a couple to your basket and try one of the recipes below.

Vegan pasta alla Norma

Pasta alla Norma is a quintessential Italian dish. Named after Sicilian composer Bellini’s opera, ‘Norma’ is an aubergine-based pasta sauce that also contains lashings of tomatoes and basil.

Our is free from any animal by-products, although it’s worth noting that pasta is not always vegan, as Pasta Evangelists recipe explain: “Not all pasta is vegan friendly, as eggs are a key ingredient in many pasta shapes. However, many pasta shapes are made from what is known as pasta bianca, or “white dough,” made using only flour and water. Most dried pasta is vegan-friendly as it is made from semolina flour, water, and salt.”

Add your preference for egg-free pasta to your homemade sauce for a wholly vegan meal. Are you not sure which shape of pasta to choose from? Rigatoni, penne, or fusilli are all excellent choices due to their stocky, tubular shape — perfectly poised to capture the rich tomato sauce. We wish we covered this topic in our previous post on celebrating Veganuary.

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