4 characters the Killer can defeat (and 4 can’t)

Without a doubt, Killer is among the toughest Supernovas in the world. A piece sherry.

He always gives a great performance whether he wins or loses his matches. Killer is Kid Pirates’ first friend. What Roronoa Zoro is to Monkey D. Luffy, he is to the Eustass Kid. Both are extremely proficient fighters with the strength and speed to rival any opponent.

The killer can easily cut enemies with scythe blades, which he calls the Punishers. It can even generate powerful sound waves to cause internal damage. The killer doesn’t need a Devil Fruit to be a strong fighter. A piece.

Note: This article will contain major spoilers from the manga.

A piece Characters the Killer can beat

4) Basil Hawkins

One Piece 1029…KILLER IS SUCH A BOSS 😩Many guessed how the Killer-Hawkins fight would end, but the execution was so well done. Final narration revealing the Tower card in the bloodthirsty panel of Kidd *chef’s kiss*#A piece #KISS https://t.co/HwR7R06vVK

A piece Episode 1029 proved Hawkins relied too much on his luck. A killer is someone who doesn’t need it to win a match.

Hawkins is a very tough fighter with Wara Wara no Mi. He can direct physical damage with his wicker dolls, instead sending them to someone else. However, there is a limit of ten babies in total.

The killer would eventually pass through his subordinates before reaching Hawkins. Even if Hawkins used the straw doll technique on the Eustass Kid, all Killer has to do is attack the left arm. The child will be unaffected while Hawkins is affected.

3) Kawamatsu

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Kawamatsu the Kappa is a powerful fighter combining sumo and sword techniques. His strength is worth at least a hundred men. However, Killer has the advantage of speed, so he can dodge these attacks gracefully.

Crimson Scabbards are known for their physical prowess. A piece sherry. They performed very well against Kaido at the start of the Onigashima Raid. However, they were defeated in the end.

By comparison, Killer lasted much longer against both Kaido and Big Mom, despite having fewer allies on his side. He also did more damage and got more in return. The Killer should be just above the Red Scabbards in terms of power level, including Kawamatsu.

2) Denjiro

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Denjiro is a very skilled swordsman, given his sheer cunning and monstrous strength. The killer must be very careful about this. A piece come across.

However, based on their rooftop performance, Killer should win this fight.

When Kaido’s dragon form released the wind blades, Denjiro was barely able to spot them in time. By comparison, Killer can easily deflect the same attacks. The response time is far superior, which makes a huge difference.

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