4 reasons why fans love Zoro (and 4 reasons why they love Sanji)

there are many reasons A piece fans love Zoro and Sanji. Despite their constant bickering, these Straw Hats will always be by each other’s side.

Luffy can always count on them for anything he needs. Captains need a reliable crew if they want to sail.

Zoro and Sanji didn’t disappoint Luffy one iota. It’s no surprise that they always rank so well in popularity polls. Fans love their distinctive personality traits, unique fighting styles, and ability to snatch victory at the whim of defeat.

Note: This article reflects the author’s personal views and contains major spoilers from the manga.

The reasons for this A piece fans love Zoro

1) Zoro is extremely loyal to Luffy.

Since the Straw Hat saved his life, Zoro has rewarded him with years of loyal service. Luffy couldn’t have asked for a better wife.

Zoro is always by his side, regardless of the potential challenges he faces. There are too many examples to list, but most fans will cite Thriller Bark as the best.

In context, Luffy just finished a tough fight with Gecko Moria. With the arrival of Bartholomew Kuma, Zoro knew he didn’t stand a chance against him. Instead, he made a pact to share Luffy’s pain so that Kuma would leave them alone.

A piece Fans still get angry when Zoro says “Nothing happened”. He did so despite the risk of death that awaited him.

2) Zoro gets the best fight scenes

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Zoro tends to fight the second strongest villain in a given arc. Either way, he will show his skill with a sword. his best shows A piece when it is pushed beyond its limits.

Occasionally, he learns to cut steel against Bay 1 in Alabasta. Other times, he is trying to master the Conqueror’s Khaki in the Land of Wano. Zoro always goes beyond the limits of his body.

Whether he wins or loses, Zoro never settles for anything less than the best. Like Pica in Dressrosa, the easiest to watch can make the battle fun.

Zoro makes everything look effortlessly cool in him A piece.

3) Zoro is a master swordsman

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Swords have always been seen as cool weapons in the popular media.

A piece is no different in this regard. Zoro loves to show off his cutting skills with these collectibles.

From Wado Ichimonji to Shusui, every sword is of great value to him. Some have a reason A piece fans like to buy replicas of these guns. Each one has a great design with intricate patterns.

4) Zoro is fiercely determined

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Whenever Zoro sets a goal A piece The series is working hard to achieve this. After Dracule lost to Mihawk, Zoro made a promise to Luffy: He never wanted to lose a game again.

Zoro wants to become the world’s greatest swordsman. Climbing that mountain and reaching the top is no small feat. Still, he wants to fulfill a childhood promise he made to Kuina.

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