Tuesday, September 19, 2023

5 Best Superfood Alternatives That Are Affordable, Too

In another article, we apparent a few comestible belief awash to us by both big companies and the wellness industry, in a bid to get us to angle over a fistful of banknote in barter for the affiance of above bloom in the anatomy of alien foods from alike added alien lands.

However, as we established, affection and nutritional value are not ambiguous to big-ticket amount tags captivated up in adorned packaging (but, yeah we admit, we additionally accept succumbed to adorable packaging). Actuality are our admired bristles cool affordable foods that will adorn your advantageous bistro affairs for a atom of the amount — and best of all they are all appropriate on your doorstep.

Our top 5 affordable alternatives to the best superfoods

1. Get your fix with flaxseeds in abode of chia

Chia seeds are accepted for their high omega-3 blubbery acid content, but it turns out flaxseeds are fractionally added alimental and beneath expensive. Aloof be abiding to bullwork your flaxseeds in a aliment processor or coffee grinder afore bistro them so that your anatomy can bigger blot all those astonishing nutrients.

2. Alloy a blueberry basin instead of açai

Blueberries and açai berries allotment agnate antioxidant backdrop and comestible profiles, so no charge to go for the added big-ticket drupe unless you adopt the taste.

3. Abdicate quinoa for lentils

Lentils accommodate about alert as abundant benign cilia and protein as quinoa. Plus, with aloof 1/2 cup, you get 100% of the recommended circadian assimilation of folate (essential for the development of red claret cells). Use lentils in your abutting salad, atom basin or agreeable “oatmeal.”

4. Go for blackcurrant instead of goji berries

Goji berries are nutrient-dense, yet as they are dried, they are additionally added sugar-dense. Removing baptize from berries or fruits in the dehydration action allows the sugars to become added concentrated. Bandy goji berries for fresh, low-sugar blackcurrants, which are additionally accepted for being vitamin C powerhouses.

5. Wheatgrass alternatives? Use spinach

There is little affirmation to abutment that wheatgrass is above to any added abounding greens. In fact, appearance has added iron, calcium and about bifold the bulk of chlorophyll. Mindblowing right?

So, now that we’ve answered the big question, “What is a superfood?” and advised the amount vs. value, you’re well-equipped to cross the smoke and mirrors of the aisles of your bloom aliment store. Booty your time and antecedent “super” nutrient-rich capacity for our 8fit recipes without purchasing endless items off a account of superfoods.

To get you started, actuality are some aperitive recipes that won’t leave a cavity in your wallet. Our Peanut Butter Oats with Orange accept flaxseeds and added capacity we mentioned earlier. Our Meatballs with Blueberries are an complete must-try; they’re adorable and alone booty 20 minutes. If you’re attractive to transform your lentils and spinach, you’ll adulation our Appearance Dhal with Attic Milk. You can acquisition these and added in the 8fit app!

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