8 Naruto Characters Saitama Can Defeat

Except for Lord Boros, most monsters can’t lift a single punch from Saitama. one punch man. Saitama yawns while punching the monsters as he puts almost no effort into his fights and still wins. As a result, he finds his job as a hero boring and not satisfying enough for himself throughout the show.

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Putting Saitama in the world naruto would give him many tough opponents like Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha. However, a few naruto Characters that pose as little a threat as the monsters Saitama encounters. Simply put, Saitama’s speed and strength will give these characters overwhelming power.

8 Shikamaru’s Intelligence Sometimes Doesn’t Make Up For His Lack Of Physical Strength

Shikamaru is famous for winning fights using tactics along with his Shadow Possession Jutsu. Still, Saitama’s speed would allow him to evade Shikamaru’s Shadow Possession Jutsu.

While Saitama has shown that he can outrun fast characters like Speed-o’-Sound Sonic, Shikamaru doesn’t have much of a speed trait. Also, Shikamaru doesn’t have a lot of defensive options in his arsenal, so there isn’t much he can do to protect himself from Saitama’s punch.

7 Tsunade and Saitama Can Punk Hard But Saitama Is Faster

Like Saitama, Tsunade can hit other characters with a single punch. He uses chakra to significantly increase his power to strike opponents. Saitama has the speed to react and dodge Tsunade’s punches, but can Tsunade dodge Saitama’s attacks?

Tsunade lacks the speed characteristics to prove she can get out of the way in time to escape. Tsunade can recover from Saitama’s punches, but at some point her chakra has to run out, leading to Saitama’s victory.

6 Izanagi Can’t Protect Danzo Forever

Danzo can use Izanagi to temporarily grant him immortality. However, he can only use this ability so many times that he will eventually run out of Sharingan to use it. Danzo doesn’t have incredible fighting skills either, because Sasuke can hit him multiple times. Saitama only needs to take advantage of Danzo’s lack of stamina to win the fight.

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There’s nothing in Danzo’s arsenal that can do significant damage because Saitama has speed to dodge his attacks. Saitama can punch Danzo repeatedly until he runs out of his Sharingan to use and take down the final hit.

5 Jiraiya’s Sage Mod Isn’t Enough

Although Jiraiya is known as one of the Three Sannin, he cannot match Saitama’s sheer strength. The Sage mod allows Jiraiya to strengthen his sensory abilities, but in his fight against Pain, he is unable to react to several attacks. Additionally, if Saitama hits him, Jiraiya has nothing to revive himself.

Jiraiya can’t heal herself like Tsunade, so it’s unlikely that she’ll get a single punch from Saitama. Jiraiya’s sound-based Genjutsu doesn’t work either, as Genjutsu requires the disintegration of the opponent’s chakra that Saitama doesn’t have.

4 Samehada Doesn’t Give Advantage to Kisame

Kisame is considered one of the strongest members of Akatsuki. However, its advantages over others naruto characters do not apply to Saitama. For example, his sword Samehada can absorb the chakra of opponents, but Saitama neither needs nor needs chakra to fight.

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