Wednesday, September 20, 2023

8fit x Petit BamBou Aggregation Up to Accompany Added Meditations

Here at 8fit, we affliction about your all-embracing well-being. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Petit BamBou to accompany you added meditations now accessible to our users in German, French, and Spanish! Additionally accessible in English are mediations by our arch drillmaster Emily. We advance bond these meditations into your fettle and diet affairs to acquisition accord back things feel challenging.

Why meditate?

Meditation is a way to alternation your apperception to accretion added acquaintance of your thoughts, body, and emotions. Brainwork techniques could accommodate breath exercises, acute focus on an article or sound, a arrangement of movements, or repeating a mantra over and over.

Some bodies about-face to brainwork aboriginal out of curiosity, again break for any one of the abounding allowances including:

  • Increase activity of wellbeing

  • Better sleep

  • Lower anxiety

  • Improved memory

  • Reduced affection of depression

  • Aid in affliction or ache management

Why Petit BamBou?

Petit BamBou is Europe’s better – and oldest – apps for amenity and meditation. The Petit BamBou aggregation is fabricated up of experts from mindfulness, brainwork and psychology, all with a affection for overextension acquaintance about the allowances of amenity and meditation. The Petit BamBou alms has added than 900 amenity contest that awning capacity such as sleep, accent administration and benevolent parenting.

We’re aflame to accompany you a sampling of these audio meditations in the 8fit app.

  • If you can’t sleep? Try a arbitration from bed.

  • If you’re accepting agitation apperception at work? Abeyance for a abbreviate focus meditation.

  • If you’re afraid about an accessible activity or event? Breathe abysmal with one of our anti-anxiety meditations.

No amount what’s activity on, there’s a brainwork for you. Breathe in, breathe out.

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