Wednesday, September 20, 2023

8fitter Spotlight: Tom’s 8fit Success Adventure and Charge to Health

We’d like to acquaint you to Tom, a actual committed 8fitter. Tom abutting 8fit as a 12-week challenge participant over a year ago. During those 12 weeks, Tom absent an absorbing 22 pounds and 13 inches. He continues to exercise and adapt commons application the 8fit app, alive carefully with 8fit’s Coaches.

We’re not adage Tom’s adventure was consistently bland sailing. Afterwards finishing the 8fit challenge, Tom ashore with his workouts and meal affairs for a few months, but again activity got crazy (as it generally does!). He took some time abroad from 8fit as he focused his absorption on claimed matters, but then, afterwards acumen that alive out and bistro able-bodied through 8fit was a primary disciplinarian of his bloom and happiness, he alternate to the affairs with renewed dedication.

“Tom’s attitude appear demography on new challenges and advantageous problems is inspirational,” explains his 8fit Drillmaster “Not alone did he lose an absorbing bulk of weight, but he bigger his bloom and he continues to be a connected antecedent of positivity and afflatus for others. It’s consistently a amusement audition from and alive with Tom. His transformation proves that no amount your situation, if you appetite something, and if you assignment for it, you can accept it.”

In this 8fitter Spotlight, Tom shares what he brand about the 8fit app, his admired motivational quote, and astute words for bodies aloof accepting started on their bloom and fettle journey. Apprehend his 8fit success adventure below.

Tom’s Adherence to Bloom and Happiness

You baker a lot of 8fit commons and your photos attending great! Which is your favorite?

My admired meal is the 8fit Craven Fajitas, carefully followed by this alarming borsch compound taken from the 8fit app.

8fit associates generally acquaintance improvements in energy, strength, confidence, brainy accuracy and more. For you, what is the better account of 8fit?

The aplomb building.

We all accept our challenges alfresco of aggravating to lose weight, get fit or accretion muscles. How has 8fit helped you affected altered challenges in your life?

The challenges I’ve affected accept been, in part, due to the weight accident and renewed cocky esteem.

Do you accept a favourite motivational adduce or phrase?

“Nothing to it until you do it!”

What would you acquaint addition who is afraid to alpha 8fit?

What I would acquaint addition who’s afraid is: Aloof start. It’s accept if you can’t do all of the contest — go at your own clip but advance yourself. Remember, “Progress, not perfection.

When you aboriginal started, what motivated you to stick with the app? And, afterwards demography a breach to accord with claimed issues, what motivated you to appear back?

When I aboriginal started I was motivated because it was difficult to breathe and walk. I didn’t appetite to be that being anymore. I came aback because I absent abutting with the 8fit apprenticeship staff.

Is there annihilation abroad you’d like to allotment about your acquaintance with 8fit?

The aftermost affair I would like to allotment with newcomers is that there will be canicule that you won’t appetite to exercise, there will be canicule that you won’t appetite to accommodated your walking goals, and there will be canicule aback you aloof appetite clutter food. Airing anyways and stick to your meals. There’s affluence of time to go aback to your old life, but you ability alone accept one adventitious to make this change. So, get up, clothing up and appearance up. Attending in the mirror accustomed and acquaint yourself that you can do this and you deserve the new you.

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