A new era for technology and for business leaders

The post-pandemic era has well and truly begun. With changing times come changing expectations, and as with every new movement, expectation around ‘how things have been’ has evolved. A key focus of where this change is necessary is in the workplace. It’s no secret that what the majority of the UK’s employees now expect in the world of work has changed and it’s vital for business leaders to take note if we are to remain a leading nation in technology and business.

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Rob Walker, UK&I MD, Cognizant.

One thing is certain: the events of the last few years, resulting in the phenomenon we now know as the ‘Great Resignation’, have seen the power of ‘how we work’ move into the hands of employees. This may sound ominous for senior management but, living in a democratic society that we celebrate, business leaders should see it as an opportunity to present an evolved way of working; one that will harness and nurture a new symbiotic relationship between employees and the workplace.

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