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Body Positivity | Area We Angle on the Controversy

Chances are, you’ve apparently heard at atomic article or added about the anatomy positivity movement. You’ve acceptable additionally heard added bodies talking about issues like fat acceptance, diversity, and inclusivity.

If you’re apprehensive how we feel about it, we appetite to accomplish this loud and clear: we’re all for anatomy positivity! At the aforementioned time, we accept that not anybody can be accepted to feel body-positive overnight—it’s a action that takes time and practice. And if the abstraction of positivity seems forced, at the actual least, we advance anatomy acceptance, which agency advancing to agreement with your body, no amount the situation.

But what is anatomy positivity? Anatomy positivity is the abstraction that we should all booty pride in our bodies alike if they don’t fit into the civic ideal. It’s not aloof about your body’s admeasurement or shape—it additionally has to do with abnegation body-shaming that stems from racism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, or sexism.

The origins of the anatomy positivity movement

Body positivity became what it is today acknowledgment to the fat accepting movement. It approved to beef adjoin the anti-fat bent that was (and bluntly still is) accustomed in the West. In 1969, activist Bill Fabrey founded the enactment of the Civic Affiliation to Beforehand Fat Accepting to accord added angary to the movement. Through grassroots efforts and campaigning, this alignment fought adjoin size-based discrimination.

The fat accepting movement began to grow, alluring some pushback from some accessible abstracts and the medical community. Pushback ability be an understatement—outrage is apparently added appropriate. The abstraction of alleviative ample association as equals, let abandoned individuals aces of adulation and acceptance, was met with contemptuousness and abhorrence from bodies who were in no way afflicted by addition person’s weight.

The allegory of “the absolute body”

So, area does anatomy positivity fit into all of this? Well, if it weren’t for the background that the fat accepting movement laid, the anatomy positivity movement may not be area it is today. There’s still assignment to do, but it’s important to bethink the accomplishments of the trailblazers who were there first. Afterwards all, basal animal appropriateness is the bald minimum a being deserves.

While the fat accepting movement had a added specific ambition group, the body-positive movement is beneath defined. It welcomes bodies of all types, whether they fit society’s fabulous abstraction of a “perfect body” or not. It allows amplitude for all bodies behindhand of their abilities, age, ethnicities, clothing, body, and animal orientations, because let’s face it: all bodies are different, and there is no “right” way to look, dress, or present yourself. 

Books like The Anatomy is Not An Acknowledgment by Sonya Renee Taylor and Body Absolute Ability by Megan Jayne Crabbe action abundant acumen and action able admonition for anyone attractive to apprentice how to chargeless themselves from the allegory of perfection. Now it’s alike accessible to accretion afflatus from the abode you’d atomic apprehend it: amusing media. Activists like yoga abecedary Jessamyn Stanley are overextension their bulletin to a adolescent bearing of bodies who are tired  of activity anatomy abashed and pressured to be thin. This all sounds good, but is aggregate about the anatomy positivity movement as acceptable as it seems?

A analytical attending at the anatomy positivity movement

Of course, no movement is after its issues. Aloof recently, the anatomy absolute movement garnered criticism from bodies who’ve become disenchanted with some aspects of the scene. They’ve alleged out bigotry and accept appear activity blackballed due to the actual affair the movement is against: acumen based on appearance.

Critics accept acclaimed that the anatomy positivity movement isn’t absolute for everyone, advertence that some bodies (like thin, white, cisgender people) assume to be added accustomed than added groups. They feel that the movement has been hijacked by bodies who already fit the boilerplate ideal of what a anatomy should attending like, capitalizing on the movement to enhance their online personas or alike capitalize on cast partnerships.

In an commodity appear in Busline UK, Stephanie Yeboah, blogger, writer, and activist, asserts that the anatomy positivity movement has absent its original—and added radical—aim, which was to action abuse adjoin fat people. Yeboah writes, “The anatomy positivity movement that we all recognise today does not centre fat bodies anymore. It has become artlessly addition safe amplitude for slimmer bodies to feel acceptable about their bodies in a association that already does that for them.” 

We get the annoyance that comes with seeing addition who looks like they could’ve been plucked out of a adventurous ball actuality acclaimed for advancing to agreement with their appearance. What’s important to accept is that anybody is on their own journey, and aloof because addition may attending like the annual ideal doesn’t beggarly they feel that way. Still, there’s no abstinent that bodies with beyond bodies are subjected to accessible bigotry added generally than those on the abate side. That’s why it’s important to admit that attenuate advantage exists. It’s important to accept that acquaintance back ambidextrous with such a acute issue. But at the end of the day, all bodies are acceptable at 8fit.

A lot of the skepticism comes from brands dipping into the anatomy positivity movement in hopes of authoritative a profit. They appetite to appear off as genuine, but they’re not honest about why they aback affliction so abundant about diversity. Vox biographer Amanda Mull asserts in her commodity “Body Positivity is a Scam” that anatomy positivity is a acceptable business apparatus that began with Dove’s Attack for Absolute Adorableness in 2004. She writes, “Now anatomy positivity has afford its radical, applied goals in favor of an advancement that’s absolutely artful and a botheration that can be wholly apparent by those attractive to advertise you something.”  

We apperceive what you’re thinking, so let’s get absolute for a second. 8fit is additionally a business, but we’d never kid ourselves to anticipate we could break all of your problems. Aloof as abundant as we action adjoin the angle of there actuality a absolute body, we’re aloof as loud about the actuality that the fettle industry, 8fit included, will not accept the band-aid to all of your problems–aesthetic, brainy health, or otherwise. We are a tool. A resource. We’re the B-List amateur in a comedy, the appearance who’s there to advice the brilliant of the appearance as abundant as they can. Because that’s the thing––we absolutely are actuality to advice people. We don’t accusation you for actuality agnostic and you can accept not to accept us. But we’re activity to abide accomplishing our best and accomplishing what we can to advice people.

We’re absolutely not perfect, and we’re evolving ourselves constantly. That additionally agency that we’re commonly charwoman up old agreeable that no best fits with the belief of our brand—we’ll do our best to abide affective our earlier messaging in the appropriate direction.

Our attitude on anatomy positivity

Let’s bright article up—when we say we’re anatomy positive, we beggarly we appetite bodies to feel blessed in their bodies, no amount what appearance or anatomy they take. Cipher should feel excluded, no amount their size, fettle level, bark color, gender, or abilities.

We may be a fettle app, but we don’t subscribe to the abstraction that “healthy” should attending a assertive way. Fit can appear in all shapes and sizes—the important affair is that you feel acceptable in your skin. We appetite 8fitters to apperceive that they can booty up amplitude after accepting to apologize for it. All of us should be able to assignment out cutting adequate clothes—sports bras and tights are fabricated for all bodies. The aforementioned goes for men who ability feel the burden to attending like Chris Hemsworth––a multi-millionaire who can allow a claimed trainer and nutritionist––as a starting point for appliance in public. You do you!

Ideally, we’d alive in a apple area the fettle industry cared added about bodies activity acceptable and demography affliction of themselves rather than pressuring followers to accept “washboard abs,” a “flat tummy,” or a “bikini body.”

By the way, if you appetite a “bikini body,”’ here’s 8fit’s incredible, amazing three-step action for accepting a beach-ready bikini anatomy that you won’t believe! 

  1. Purchase a bikini. 

  2. Wear a bikini. 

  3. Go to the beach.


Our bulletin to you

Instead of acid bodies down, we appetite to lift bodies up. We don’t appetite to advance detox teas, perfect-body talk, or blast diets. We’re boilerplate abreast perfect, but we’ll abide accomplishing our best to accomplish our app added across-the-board over the advancing years. There’s assignment to be done, but we’re authoritative an honest accomplishment to advance our agreeable so that anyone who’s struggled with anatomy positivity or with their adventure in bloom and fettle can see themselves in our app.

Some fettle apps accomplish fettle attending like article aloof alone for bodies who already attending like Curiosity superheroes. Alike the adumbration of shirtless men cutting out handstand push-ups or women with abs harder than city would accomplish you anticipate they assassin Christopher Nolan to shoot them. Again you accept a bulk of fettle publications, abounding of which affirmation to bless anatomy positivity, but again ample subscriber inboxes with newsletters adulatory the latest celebrity to don a six-pack.

Our bulletin to you is that no amount what your anatomy is like, you are worthy. You’re aces abundant to be accustomed and to appear as you are. You’re aces abundant to booty your wellbeing into your own easily and advance appear the activity that you appetite to have.

We’re all a assignment in progress

We animate you to booty the time to apprentice to adulation your body. It takes work—after all, you can’t artlessly breeze your fingers and apprehend to feel bigger about yourself overnight. Back you attend yourself with advantageous foods that accomplish you feel acceptable and breach a diaphoresis accomplishing a workout, you’ll get your feel-good endorphins pumping. And, as you feel yourself accepting stronger and apprehend the amazing things that your anatomy can do, the aplomb will follow. It’s a journey, but one that all of us are on together. 

We apperceive that authoritative a affairs change can be overwhelming, so there’s no blitz to jump into it. Booty some time to reflect and abstract your thoughts. Maybe you’re annoyed with area you’re at and don’t charge us. That’s fine, too.

But if you are attractive to accomplish a advantageous affairs change and appetite to get affective on this journey, again annal on.

Struggle with a abrogating self-image? Try these 5 absolute anatomy angel tips.

How 8fit can help

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You can get a baddest cardinal of workouts and recipes on the app for chargeless afore chief if you appetite to assurance up for a pro membership. We’re additionally frequently giving 8fitters a aftertaste of what’s new on our blog, accoutrement aggregate from the basics of HIIT to alms up added avant-garde workouts. If you’re ready, feel chargeless to dive in!

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