Boruto: 10 Strongest Villains, Ranked

if anything Boruto: Naruto Next Generations It does it better than the original series, emphasizing how dynamic the protagonist is and his relationships with the people around him. more naruto It features many ninja characters that are more advanced, more comprehensive, and even more interesting than the original series.

In addition to chronicling the journey of Boruto and his ninja team, the show also shines a light on some of the most haunting and terrifying villains to ever exist in the Naruto universe. But when it comes to power and talent, which of the show’s villains turns out to be the most intimidating?


10 oh

In the original series, it was assumed that Ao died after being hit by the ten-tailed beast’s grenade. However, it soon turns out that he was rescued by Amado and recruited by the Black organization.

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Equipped with advanced ninja technology, Ao has proven to be a formidable foe for Boruto and his friends. He even managed to neutralize Mugino and survive a collapsed cave. Despite this, he is still left behind by Boruto with his wits. Ao managed to save himself and get on the good side, choosing to save the lead character from a possibly deadly attack.

9 Deep

Seema reaches out for Boruto with her paw.

Boruto and the rest of team 7 had an extremely difficult time beating Deepa. Deepa, an inner member of Kara, was a deeply troubled character who showed almost no hesitation when killing other people. It is also stated that Deepa has developed a taste for human flesh and blood due to its goal of trying different flavors all over the world.

His ninjutsu allows him to transform carbon into damaging bullet-like projectiles and an indestructible suit of armor. If Lady Luck wasn’t on the 7th team’s side, she would have easily eliminated Deepa Boruto and her friends.

8 Delta

Delta in Boruto

As a member of Kara’s interior, Delta is equipped with extremely powerful Shinobi items. So much so that she could defend herself against Konohagakure’s seventh Hokage. His silly and sadistic personality makes him a dangerous and powerful villain, as he has no remorse in attacking and killing his opponents.

The body modifications infused into Delta allowed him to propel his raw strength and power to the point where he could make Naruto bleed by simply punching him.

7 Shin Uchiha

Shin Uchiha stands in front of a group of clones in Boruto

Shin Uchiha was Orochimaru’s former test subject. This makes him blessed with some of the most terrifying abilities that ever existed in the world. naruto Universe. His genetic makeup allows him to readily accept any genetic material, skillfully wield a transplanted Sharingan, and even activate his own Mangekyō.

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Raised by Orochimaru, Shin has a distorted worldview and lacks dignity. This means that he is willing to use dirty tricks to win over every opponent he encounters.

6 code

Code in Boruto

Like other members of Kara’s inner world, Code is equipped with body modifications that significantly increase her physical abilities. The Code also has a White Kāma, which gives Isshiki Ōtsutsuki access to his power.

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