Boruto Shatters Naruto’s Hokage Dream Before His Eyes

Boruto’s Episode 69 accelerates the opportunity of Naruto really shedding his Hokage standing on account of a forgotten shinobi.

Warning! We now have spoilers forward Boruto: Naruto Subsequent Generations Episode 69!

The reality about how Kawaki was killed pipe instantly started to pose a menace narutoHe had Hokage standing ever since he determined to cover the reality from the Konoha villagers. However now this menace might come true a lot before anticipated.

Konoha by no means absolutely trusted or accepted Naruto’s choice to permit Kawaki to remain of their village, because the boy was initially bred by the malevolent Black group to function Isshiki Ōtsutsuki’s future ship. Nonetheless, Naruto ignored their disapproval and continued to worth Kawaki as a result of his personal ostracized previous allowed him to sympathize with Kawaki’s present standing as a social pariah. The possible revelation that Kawaki had really killed Boruto would undoubtedly push the villagers throughout the border, inflicting them to demand the boy’s exile, regardless that Boruto really requested Kawaki to kill him and finally survived. Nonetheless, if Konoha finds out that Naruto is conscious of the incident and is actively making an attempt to cowl it up, Naruto’s future as Hokage will certainly change into unsure.


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Chapter 69 pipe With Sumire Kakei listening to the reality, I hastened the opportunity of it really taking place. After his confrontation with Otsuki Boruto, who fully possessed Code and Momoshiki, Kawaki misplaced consciousness and finally woke as much as Naruto and Sumire in Konoha. Though the Hokage asks Sumire to depart so she will have a personal dialog with the boy, Sumire remains to be within the room when Kawaki shortly asks if Naruto will convict her for killing Boruto. This information is understandably surprising to Sumire, who is not one of many choose few Narutos to entrust this data, and whereas anybody studying the reality is problematic for Naruto, that is particularly the case due to Sumire’s previous and emotions for her son Boruto.

Lengthy earlier than they shaped their relationship, Sumire all the time betrayed her true emotions for Boruto by how she acted round him, particularly blushing when somebody hinted that she knew how she actually felt about him. The bond between them grows immensely when Boruto is prepared to forgive Sumire for permitting her household to succumb to her household’s previous sins and attacking Konoha, a powerful show of loyalty that Sumire will always remember. Even if Naruto is Boruto’s father and exposing him would harm Boruto by proxy, this may undoubtedly function a significant drive towards Naruto within the coming episodes. Sumire’s romantic emotions for Boruto are fueled by her plain want to repay him for her kindness, presumably forcing her to behave in a approach she thinks will serve Boruto’s greatest pursuits. Even when he wasn’t appearing maliciously, the opportunity of sharing this data with one other villager in Konoha who was notably important of the Hokage may result in a extra brutal spin of the reality, which places Naruto in a destructive mild.

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