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These days, advancing your marketing career requires navigating a fast-changing environment and constantly learning new skills.

There’s also growing competition as more people are drawn to the opportunities in the marketing field. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that marketing, advertising, and promotions jobs will grow 10% this decade, with 31,800 additional jobs created.

At the same time, the future of work is also changing as some offices remain remote and others adopt hybrid work styles.

So what’s the best advice for marketers on how to advance your career?

SmartBrief turned to seven marketing managers and recruiters to answer that question. Here’s what they had to say.

Diversify your experiences

Dana Siomkos
Dana Siomkos

“My feeling is that diversity in someone’s resume is most important,” said Dana Siomkos, founder & CEO of You & Them, a boutique recruiting company. “If I ever talk to a candidate who’s been just on the agency side, and just at a specific type of agency, whether it’s digital or brand, I always encourage them to diversify.”

“Don’t do what I did,” added Daphne Sipos, principal recruiter at Shine Talent & Advisory.

She spent nearly 13 years at Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide earlier in her career.

“The reality is, you really learn and grow most when you have the opportunity to move around,” she said. “Every company does things differently. You’re going to get better best practices as you move along.”

Frank McGehee, senior manager of product marketing operations and tech at Disney Streaming, suggests looking at horizontal moves, not just vertical ones. That allows you to build skillsets that apply across industries, such as learning Braze and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Frank McGehee / Yolanda Perez Photography LLC

“That will make you more marketable. You’ll learn more. You can take your skills and go from a distribution platform to a streaming platform and then back again to a financial platform,” he said. “Have skills, will travel.”

However, Nathan Friedman, Co-President & Chief Marketing Officer at Understood, argues you can still get varied experience by staying at one company. “Don’t jump just to jump,” he advised.

Friedman explained he stayed at Ogilvy & Mather for 17 years because he had varied experiences that gave him different opportunities and kept propelling him forward.

Nathan Friedman
Nathan Friedman / Understood

“I kept learning, I kept developing, and I kept delivering new and innovative things that kept me satisfied,” he said.

Friedman suggests raising your hand for new opportunities within your company, working to improve how you engage with colleagues, and maintaining a constant state of curiosity.

Don’t be afraid to go back into the office

Full disclosure, my office is currently 100% remote so this isn’t a self-serving take,” Sarah Kissko Hersh, executive vice president of Percepture, a global marketing and PR agency, writes on her LinkedIn profile.

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