Cerra on consistency and Carlton connection

ADAM Cerra has enjoyed a happy first few months since his Carlton debut, but he is mindful that the hard work is nowhere near completion.

Speaking to media at IKON Park on Tuesday, Cerra spoke on his connection with the playing group where he has settled in seamlessly since his arrival at the Blues.

This is what he had to say.

On the weekend’s win:
“It was a good day for us.

“It’s never a walk: the boys put in a lot of hard work. We executed our roles and the way we wanted to play really well and for us, it ended up being a good result. There were still plenty of learnings to come out.” of it and we reviewed it today: we’ll move onto next week.”

On the key messages in the game review:
“We acknowledged everyone’s role and how connected we were with each other. It’s not relying on one person or Charlie kicking a bag every week.

“There’s a lot of work behind the scenes or off-camera stuff that you don’t see which goes into those things happening. For us to internally acknowledge those things, so the boys get praised and are motivated to keep going, it’s important and puts us in good stead for the season.

“There are still a lot of games to go.”

On the upcoming challenge against GWS:
We won’t get stuck into storylines too much about what their situation is: we’ll focus on us and bringing our A-game each week. For us, how we’re winning is just as important as the win.

“We’re going to focus on what we can develop this week from a previous week and head over to Sydney to try and bring our best game: a consistent, four-quarter game. We won’t read too much into what their situation is, we know they’ll bring the fight as they always do.

“There’s a lot of talent in that team.”

On being part of the midfield crop:
“It’s been really enjoyable. We’ve got good depth in there: the great thing about it is we all want to see each other do well.

“We’re all out there helping each other out and at the end of the day, it might be someone’s day or someone might have a quiet day, but if we’re doing our part and winning games then we’re more than happy .

“Being able to roll so many boys through there and help out when we have injuries, we have the next bloke stepping up and playing their role: it’s been one of our strengths I reckon.

“We’re far from the finished product. From a short amount of games, we can see the different personnel in there… the more we play together, the more connection we’re going to build and at the moment, it’s a strength. hopefully we can keep building on that.”

On his personal form and integrating at Carlton:
“I’ve been trying to get consistency in my game for a while now. I think I’m on that journey.

“In games where we haven’t performed as well, it’s because of our consistency. Personally, I’ve been trying to develop that. I feel like I started the year alright and it’s a matter of playing my role and playing my game each week.

“I’ve got great coaches and teammates to help me with that and it’s a two-way relationship: we’re trying to help each other. In terms of fitting in with the team, it’s a really tight group here internally by helping each other out and trying to be great teammates, and that translates off-field where we spend a lot of time with each other.

“Whether that’s golf, pool, catching up for a coffee or whatever it is, it’s a tight group. It’s been really easy to step in along with George and Lewis and the other guys to feel part of it.”

On playing alongside Patrick Cripps:
“It’s definitely nice to play alongside him in this sort of form. One thing I noticed on my first day coming in is how hard he works on his craft, but additionally how much he tries to help out his teammates.

“He’s doing extras and always trying to bring along someone whether myself or ‘Walshy’ or another young guy like Jack Carroll, he is invested in his teammates as much as himself.

“It’s great to see him get the rewards on game day and it’s a big reason why when the midfield is going well, we’re all going well โ€” because we’re looking after each other, and it all starts at the top with him .”

On the support of the football club, and staying on track:
The energy in the Club is in a really good position right now. We can feel that from the fans in the community as well.

“We’ve had a great start to the year, but we’re staying in the present and not looking too far into the future. We’ve played eight games and there’s a lot of footy to go, we can’t get ahead of ourselves.

“We appreciate all the hype and the excitement that fans are bringing to games, and they’re coming out in numbers which has been great. We’re focusing week by week: I know it sounds cliche, but it’s honestly how it is at the moment. We’re trying to stay humble and keep building our game so we can hopefully keep this form up.”

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