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Different Types of Exercise and Why Array is Important

As the adage goes, array is the aroma of life, which additionally goes for your account exercise routine. The accent of altered types of exercise extends above aloof abating the apathy of routine, but additionally helps you advance a ample concrete experience, befitting your anatomy on its accepted toes. Absorption alone on one anatomy of exercise may see you excel bound in that area, but you may additionally be apathy the added concrete needs, arch to an alterity in the anatomy and, added importantly, an access assertive bloom risks.

Think of your anatomy as a cautiously acquainted machine, and aloof like machines they charge to be maintained in a array of ways. Booty a car, for instance, it’s not aloof the agent that has to be in aristocratic action afore you arch out for a continued drive, every bit of the car — oil, breaks, suspension, tires, etc. — needs to be activity accurately so you can adore a safe and bland journey.

What types of workouts are there?

Now we’ve affected on the call for variety, you may be asking, what altered types of workouts should I be doing? As always, we’re actuality to advice you reach your fettle goals; the beneath is a account of altered types of exercise and their corresponding benefits.

Cardio training (aerobic and anaerobic)

Cardio is apparently the best accepted blazon of exercise out there — thanks, Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons. Cardio is additionally one breadth of exercise that offers bottomless kinds of workouts: walking, running, cycling, cross-country skiing, swimming, dancing, you get the idea. Basically, annihilation that elevates your affection amount to a akin aloft your comatose affection amount is cardio. That said, there are additionally altered categories of cardio both aerobic and anaerobic. Let’s dive in.

Steady accompaniment (aerobic)

This blazon of cardio refers to the clip of your conditioning and can absorb any akin of intensity. As the name suggests, the aim is to advance a abiding clip and acuteness for the absolute continuance of your adopted workout.

Low- and abstinent acuteness (aerobic)

Low-intensity exercise can be abstinent as any exercise that keeps your affection amount beneath 50% of your MHR (maximum affection rate) — anticipate a accidental airing or comfortable bike ride.

Moderate-intensity workouts advance your affection amount amid 50%-70% of your MHR. In abstinent intensity, you should be able to backpack on a chat and canyon the talk test. Activities such as running, hiking, biking, swimming, fettle classes, should accept you hitting the moderate-intensity bracket.

High-intensity and intervals (anaerobic)

Now we’re entering the high-intensity zone. This is area you can apprehend to assignment appealing abuse hard, adorning and advancement your affection amount aloft 70% of your MHR. High-intensity workouts accommodate sprints, some forms of attrition training, and what we at 8fit are accepted for,  HIIT (high-intensity breach training).

Intervals are back contest are burst up into several genitalia (i.e., repetitions) and completed as allotment of the aforementioned conditioning (i.e., a round). They can be disconnected up into abounding forms, but the best accepted are blocks of time or distance.

Intervals are generally breach into work-to-rest ratios, with high-intensity contest like sprints or absence braiding basic alive intervals while lower acuteness movements like walking or can be a abbreviate breach as rest. A acceptable aphorism of deride apropos the work-to-rest arrangement is as follows:

  • Beginner (1:2): One allotment high-intensity breach followed by two genitalia lower acuteness breach to acquiesce the anatomy to balance afore hitting that high-intensity breach again.

  • Intermediate to avant-garde amateur (2:1): Actuality alert the bulk of time or reps is adherent to high-intensity intervals, while bisected is allocated to accretion intervals.

The abundant affair about these ratios is that you can consistently comedy about with the numbers and acquisition aloof the appropriate arrangement to advance you to your claimed limits.


With a accomplished fettle industry congenital on aggressive workouts tailored to individuals attractive to lose weight, get advantageous or angular — the simple act of arena a action can generally be overlooked. As a absolutely holistic and aloft all fun anatomy of exercise, sports can go a continued way in affective and befitting you physically active, abnormally after in life. Aggregation sports like hockey, basketball and soccer are amazing outlets that antithesis affection high-intensity training while throwing a ton of fun and a amusing aspect into the mix.

Weight training (resistance training)

A accepted delusion is that weight training will advance to one aftereffect and one aftereffect alone — hypertrophy. But in fact, there are abounding goals you accomplish through resistance training with weights in the form rep and set schemes along with the percentages of your 1Rm (1 rep max) that you are lifting.

  • Hypertrophy: Amplification anatomy by accretion admeasurement of beef in beef fiber

  • Muscular endurance: Adeptness of anatomy to apply astriction over a continued aeon of time

  • Muscular strength: The bulk of force a beef exerts in a distinct max. effort

  • Cardio training: Application weights or attrition to assignment your aerobic activity systems

The aftermost ammo point apparently bent you off guard, but yes indeed, you can do cardio training through weight training as well. As continued as you drag your affection amount to college than that of your RHR (resting affection rate), again you’re absolutely accumulation a cardio aspect to your workout.

Flexibility training

Flexibility is added than actuality able to blow your toes, it’s about accepted musculoskeletal health. While some bodies are built-in with accustomed flexibility, it doesn’t beggarly that those who aren’t are bedevilled to accept it above their grasp. Contest that facilitate adaptability and mobility, like stretching are generally alone or accounted as ‘not proper’ exercise, as action seems basal at aboriginal glance. Behindhand this affectionate of training from your approved accepted is absolutely accomplishing you a disservice as compromised advancement can absolute your ambit of motion, and achievement your fettle goals, or in the affliction case can advance to abrasion bottomward the line.

Here are some styles of adaptability training that both accompaniment altered types of workouts, as able-bodied as accommodate backbone elements aural them.


Every amplitude can be either changeless or activating and acquiescent or active. Activating and alive stretches are added accessible for convalescent anatomic movements acclimated in accustomed activity and sports. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Static addition is isometric (developing able-bodied astriction after abbreviating of the muscle), you authority a arduous position for at atomic 20-30 seconds.

  • Dynamic addition is a amplitude performed by affective through a arduous but adequate ambit of motion repeatedly.

  • Passive addition uses alien “assistance” to advice you stretch. It’s a address area you relax into a amplitude while an alien force (someone or something) intensifies the amplitude further.

  • Active addition applies motion, so you relax the beef you’re aggravating to amplitude and await on the opposing beef to admit the stretch.

  • Ballistic addition is uncontrolled, erratic, and jerky. It can be a anatomy of acquiescent addition or a activating addition in a fast, bouncing motion, banishment the limb into an continued ambit of motion.

  • PNF (Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) is a contract-stretch-hold address again 10-12 times, and analysis says it may be the best able addition address for accretion ambit of motion.


These canicule yoga boasts as abounding styles of the convenance as there are ranges of activewear brands. Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar, hot yoga, vinyasa flow, Kundalini and yin are a few of the best frequently accepted ones. What all these practices accept in accepted is the affiliation of anatomy and animation through stretching, isometric bodyweight exercises, and affective meditation. Approved convenance will advice activate joints, amplitude ligaments and strengthen anatomy — in summary, accumulate you limber.


Developed by Joseph Pilates, this adjustment of exercise incorporates controlled movements with an accent on alignment, breath and building the core—referred to by Pilates advisers as the “Powerhouse”. Over time Pilates will not alone access adaptability but advice advance coordination, antithesis and all-round stability.

Mobility work

If you’re attractive to absolution tight, abscessed anatomy afterwards a analgesic workout, again you may appetite to analysis out cream rolling. This anatomy of advancement work, forth with added accessories like lacrosse assurance for activate points, are an basal allotment of any approved conditioning regime. Cream rolling offers abysmal tissue absolution and can be done pre-workout to balmy anatomy up or post-workout to allay tension.

Reaping the rewards of exercise variety

Now you’ve got the annual on the accent of including different types of workouts into your accepted and what kinds are out there, you may be absorbed in how this will appulse your all-embracing bloom and fitness.

Benefits of cardio:

  • Improves cardiorespiratory and pulmonary health, assessable by a lower comatose affection rate

  • Reduces claret pressure

  • Reduce risks of a stroke, affection disease, and closing affection attack

  • Increases circulation

  • Lowers the accident of diabetes

Weight training:

  • Increases beef mass, endurance, and strength

  • Ramps up your metabolism through added beef accumulation an so burns fat

  • Increases cartilage density, abnormally basic as women age, due to the accident of osteoporosis

  • Builds acceptable posture

  • Strengthens joints appropriately abbreviation able-bodied alterity issues

Flexibility training:

  • Increases ambit of motion

  • Releases astriction physically and mentally

  • Supports analgesic musculoskeletal health

  • Improves mobility

  • Reduces the accident of abrasion associated with added contest and  movements

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