Doctor Strange 2 ending explained

What happens in the Doctor Strange 2 ending? The latest installation in the MCU timeline has arrived on the big screen, with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The new MCU movie is a wild ride through the multiverse, and it raises a lot of questions, with new heroes, new villas, and new worlds to explore.

As with all Marvel outings, many people will be wondering what happens in the post-credits scenes in Doctor Strange 2, and what they mean for the wider world of the MCU. There’s also the question of cameos, the fate of certain characters, and how the battle in the Doctor Strange 2 ending goes down. Well don’t worry, we’ve studied the Book of Vishanti, and have unlocked all the answers you seek.

Warning: Major spoilers for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness lie ahead. So, stop reading now if you haven’t watched the movie yet. But, if you have seen the film, step into the multiverse, and see what you find.

How does Doctor Strange defeat Scarlet Witch in the Doctor Strange 2 ending?

Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) manages to capture America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez) in her temple on Mount Wundagore. She intends to steal Chavez’s power of multiversal travel, so that she can inhabit a different universe; one where she can be with her children, Billy and Tommy. The problem is, taking America’s powers would ultimately leave her for dead.

Meanwhile, Doctor Strange is stuck in a different universe, a world which has been near-destroyed by an incursion. An incursion is what happens when two universes collide, and one or both of them are obliterated. Here, Stephen meets an evil version of himself. This Strange has been using the Darkhold for nefarious purposes, and let’s just say things have gotten “out of hand”.

Once the evil Strange has been defeated, Stephen’s plan is simple; he will dreamwalk in the corpse of Defender Strange that he buried on our Earth. It’s what any normal person would do, really. Zombie Strange goes to confront Wanda, while battling evil spirits who are unhappy at his use of the dark arts.

Zombie Strange manages to distract Wanda, allowing America Chavez to break free from her spell. While Chavez was previously unable to use her powers on command, she summons a portal just when she needs it here. But, rather than using violence, she gives Wanda everything she wants.

It’s a clever move though, because when the Scarlet Witch crosses into the same universe as the other Wanda, Billy and Tommy are terrified of her, and the Wanda we have come to know (and love) realises the error of her ways. Her children, or this version of them, are happy and loved by their own mother already. And, that is essentially all Wanda should have needed to be happy herself.

Does Wanda Maximoff die in Doctor Strange 2?

When Wanda realises her tirade against the multiverse is wrong, her best chance of repentance is to eradicate the Darkhold from existence. She was the one who unleashed its sinister powers, and she must be the one to close it for good.

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