Elden Ring Mod Adds One Piece’s Zoro

If a player wants to wield three swords and take over the world of Elden Ring as the right-hand man of One Piece’s future Pirate King, they can now.

Hand Ring Allows a lot of customization as the base game. There are character creators who see players create loads of unique, interesting, and sometimes hilarious future Elden Lords; tale Jack of Blades in the game. There are existing structures in it Hand Ring this allows for a large amount of variation in the way two different players approach battle. From bows to knives and fireballs, Hand Ring There are multiple ways to face tough enemies and bosses.


Something that is the base game Hand Ring does not allow this, he is a player who wields three swords at the same time. It is largely unusual for warriors to have a third sword hanging from their mouths as they enter battle. A piece Fans, this third blade is the hallmark of one of the strongest characters in the series. Zoro is a fan favorite A piece The character is the first official teammate to join Luffy in his quest to become the Pirate King. Zoro is often looking for ways to build and improve his strength, so he’s a Hand Ring The modder gave the character a chance to do just that, by getting the game’s bosses.

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Using the Zoro model from 2016 A piece the game burning blood, mod maker Ercuallo let people take on the role of one of anime’s most famous swordsmen. For Hand Ring Fans who want to try this mod can download it from Ercuallo’s Nexus Mods page. It should also be noted that Zoro’s appearance replaces Blaidd’s armor in-game, meaning players will have to win their sets before they can get to the end. A piece dream. To earn Blaidd’s armor Hand Ringone player has to beat him, which can be difficult for some considering the cuteness of the half-wolf.

Zoro’s sword models replace the uchigatana and blood katana rivers, respectively. Hand Ring, so a player who wants to play as Zoro legitimately in the game may need to do some farming to do so. In addition to creating the Zoro mod, Ercuallo also released a short video demonstrating the Zoro mod. A piece strength of character Hand Ring When he faced Radagon.

More than two months have passed since Hand Ring The first released game modes only become more complex and engaging for many fans as they offer a change from the norm in terms of gameplay. Recently, another modder was allowed Hand Ring where players take on the role of Darth Vader and wield a twin-bladed lightsaber similar to Darth Maul.

Hand Ring now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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