Environment Controllers Market for Agricultural Greenhouse to Cross US$ 7.65 Bn by 2031, TMR Study

  • Prominence of vertical farming with significant decrease in the availability of arable land for traditional farming creates ample opportunities in environment controllers market for agricultural greenhouse
  • Rising shift toward modern greenhouses that are equipped with various equipment for automatic control of inside climate stimulates the environment controllers market for agricultural greenhouse

ALBANY, NY, May 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Analysts at TMR estimate the environment controllers market for agricultural greenhouse to expand at a CAGR of 21.98% over the forecast period, from 2021 to 2031. Continual rise in demand for environment controllers for various techniques of plant cultivation such as greenhouse , hydroponics, and indoor gardening is fueling the growth of the environment controllers market for agricultural greenhouse.

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Rapid industrialization and urbanization in several parts of the world leading to substantial loss of arable land suitable for farming that has compelled the use of new agricultural practices for the limited land. This stirs the demand for advanced farming equipment such as environment controllers.

Significant investments in vertical farming with decreasing availability of arable land directly influences the demand for various types of environment controllers such as humidity controllers, sensors, and coolers to maintain the desired ambient conditions.

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Environment Controllers Market for Agricultural Greenhouse – Key Findings of Report

  • Increasing shift from traditional greenhouses to modern greenhouses due to the limitations of the former is creating demand for equipment to control interior temperatures. Practical difficulties to manually adjust some or all equipment to maintain a consistent interior climate is leading to a preference for modern greenhouses from traditional greenhouses, and therefore fueling the demand for environment controllers for agricultural greenhouse.
  • Modern greenhouses comprise a wide range of equipment, including roof vents, roll-up sidewalls, shade screens, heating & cooling equipment, recirculation fans, thermal screens, fogging, extraction fans, evaporative cooling pads, and lighting that allows interior climate to be automatically maintained in accordance with specifications
  • Environmental sensors are highlight of modern greenhouses that are placed inside and outside of the structure to monitor variables that influence plant growth. Environmental sensors receive information that is used by controllers to adjust the various equipment for climate control.

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  • Design innovations in environment controllers that are ultra-compact, and meant for recording of air temperature and relative humidity in farm settings underway in the environment controllers market for agricultural greenhouse. Manufacturers are making efforts to increase the availability of environment controller devices that deliver simple and long-term recording of environmental data.
  • Extensive efforts for technologically advanced devices such as to regulate micro-climate for different types of crops, including light intensity and environment parameters to stir demand in the environment controllers market. Manufacturers are using technology to design smart devices that provide a consistent growing environment and at the same time automate temperatures, and thus, save manufacturing costs. Integrating environment controllers with software systems that create reports and offer real-time data to users and can be operated using smartphone is the focus of savvy manufacturers in the environment controllers market for agricultural greenhouse.
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