Fable May Be Microsoft’s Most Important RPG in Development

fable hasn’t been discussed publicly in some time now, but the wait for information could nearly be over. The upcoming Xbox and Bethesda showcase, featuring a wide variety of Xbox games, seems like the perfect time for Playground Games to reveal gameplay for its fable reboot, alongside other important information like a release window. fable fans have been waiting for Lionhead Studios’ RPG franchise to make a comeback for years, and now that Playground has confirmed that fable is in the works, the lack of updates is tantalizing. In order to keep fans optimistic and excited, fable needs to start sharing some updates.


The game’s importance to the Xbox can’t be underestimated. While there are lots of other RPGs in the works for the Xbox Series X, including Bethesda’s own Elder Scrolls 6, fable holds a special place thanks to its history on Xbox consoles. Bethesda RPGs may hold a special place on the Xbox thanks to Bethesda’s notoriety, but Playground Games’ fable will set the bar for other RPGs coming to the Xbox. It’ll also have a major impact on other revivals of Xbox franchises. all in all, fable could be a lynchpin in the future of the Xbox game library.

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Why Fable Holds Such Weight

fable has been a core Xbox series for as long as there has been an Xbox. the first fable game released on the very first Xbox, and after that, fable was a central part of the Xbox 360’s library, with many of the franchise’s titles releasing during that era. fable is inseparable from Microsoft’s console history, so it’s extremely important that the fable reboot sticks the landing. A lackluster fable revival would be extremely disappointing for longtime Xbox fans with high hopes for the franchise’s future. The Xbox Series X may be a pinnacle of progress for Microsoft, but the current console needs to celebrate its roots too.

Aside from playing a part in the Xbox lineage, fable is also important to a lot of future Xbox games. since fable will seemingly release before many other upcoming RPGs like Avowed, it’ll set the bar for quality and quantity of content among Xbox RPGs. It could also highlight all kinds of areas for innovation and experimentation in the RPG space that Xbox developers pick up with their own games later. The Xbox Series X is still a young console, so there could be many further RPGs that lift ideas from fable on their way to the Series X.

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Xbox Franchise Revivals in Future Years

fable is clearly a big deal as an early RPG on the Xbox Series X, since it can connect the console to its past positively while setting up expectations for the console’s future. Its potential impact on other dormant franchises can’t be underestimated either, though. Microsoft may have given fable to Playground Games with the intention of gauging overall interest in franchise reboots and overhauls. depending on how fable fares, Microsoft may decide to either focus on new IPs or double down on reviving old IPs. In this way, fable and Perfect Dark act as a team that could have a big impact on the Xbox.

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