Forging ahead with big and small steps

We all want a peek into the future. We want to find a unique path that both fulfills us and helps us make the world a little better. Ultimately, we want to know that everything will be OK. But the future requires a leap of faith and a lot of trust in ourselves and those around us. This month’s entrepreneurs had to forge ahead with big and small steps to find their way. Let them inspire you about the possibilities.

Kristen Gault and Erica Rector

Swanky Steer bubbles over with vibrant color, joy, and fun. In many ways, that delight is the tangible result of the friendship between Kristen Gault and Erica Rector – a rainbow shining after a powerful storm, navigated by the chosen family. The store, which opened this spring in Fountain Inn’s charming downtown, started as a traveling boutique. It was a dream, then a reality, but always a focal point as Gault was undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer at age 37, Gault was surrounded by family and community, but it was a Rector who helped her dream of life after treatment.

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