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Future Hai Entrepreneur – The entrepreneur’s song to inspire an entrepreneurial movement

Posted on January 14, 2022

GAME Launches Entrepreneur Song with Ecosystem Partners Celebrating Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship

bangalore – Today’s Indian economy needs entrepreneurs – more than ever. The job creators are nothing less than local heroes. They fuel their businesses, pursue their dreams, and end up supporting the families of tens of thousands of employees. Mass entrepreneurship is the way to go, it is the main engine of job creation.

The Global Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship is launching a one-of-a-kind initiative on January 14 to commemorate entrepreneurship as a movement, not just an optional / risky career. We are releasing a song called “Future Hai Entrepreneurship”, to stimulate a mass entrepreneurship movement in collaboration with our ecosystem partners. The song celebrates entrepreneurs across the country and we hope many more will be inspired to take on the role of entrepreneurs.

“The campaign was designed to blend music as a compelling narrative, which has historically been a powerful way to connect with the masses. We hope this song inspires a mass movement that shows entrepreneurs as role models and job creators, and taking center stage in the country’s bottom-up economic narrative, ”said Sandhya Thukaram, COO, GAME.

The song #FutureHaiEntrepreneur was also used in a video story featuring amazing entrepreneurs who participated in GAME’s Growtherator acceleration program in Bangalore and Ludhiana. Their own, like many others, are stories that must be shared as legitimate role models to inspire a generation of entrepreneurs.

For Padmini Govind, Tharangini Studio, “being an entrepreneur takes a lot and takes on daily challenges to run the business. An entrepreneur is responsible not only to himself, but to employees and their customers. This video is a recognition of the efforts that we, as entrepreneurs, put into our business. Thanks to GAME for introducing me ”.

Deepjyot Singh Sethi, director of Velbond Industries LLP, who featured in the video, found the entire process revealing. “It’s been a year since I joined GAME’s Ludhiana Growtherator program which has helped me grow my business. It changed the way I think, work and get things done. Filming the video was exciting for me and my employees, who were won over by the ‘light camera action’, ”he beamed.

Geetha Krishnan, Fragrant Kitchen, Dr Vinita Sharma, Dermaglo, Padmini Govind, Tharangini, Sandhya Yadav, Tulip Fiori, Neeraj Kumar Dhir, A-Star Clothing, Bharathi Kamath, Carewell, Radhika, Champaca Bookstore, Harvinder Singh – Roop Solarhan Jushka Jushka , Snack Me, Jasjot Virk, Wepay Finance, Deepjyot Singh, Velbond, Aarti Rastogi, Artinci.

The music credits are as follows:

  • Music produced, composed and arranged by: Anirban Ghosh (Baan G)
  • Words and voice: Vedi Sinha
  • Rhythms and percussions: Nikhil Vasudevan
  • Guitars: Sumant Balakrishnan
  • Choirs: Baan G, Nikhil Vasudevan, Sumant Balakrishnan
  • Recorded at: Kintsugi Studios
  • Mixed and mastered by: Varun Gupta
  • Translations: Mahesh (Kannada), Rohith (Télégu), Ram (Tamil)
  • We would like to thank: Kriti Pant, Shreya Singh, Nirmala Ravindran, Meghna Prakash & Padmanabhan

The video interspersed the Indie genre track with stories of real entrepreneurs. It was conceptualized by:

  • Production house – Wangdi
  • Director – Kamya
  • DOP – Gyaltsen
  • Edit – Kamya & Gyaltsen

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