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Glycogen Depletion: Signs and Symptoms

Glucose is the gasoline to your aggressive anatomy machine. If you ample your agent up with the acceptable stuff—premium gasoline in the anatomy of comestible close whole-foods—your anatomy will accomplish calmly like a adorned hybrid car, not one of those accepted minivans.

Why a hybrid? Well, what’s absorbing is that your anatomy doesn’t aloof apperceive how to use fuel, it additionally knows how to store fuel to accumulate you affective throughout the day after accepting to stop and ample your catchbasin repeatedly. It burns glucose(the fuel) and food it as glycogen for later.

What’s the aberration amid glucose and glycogen?

Glycogen is a added circuitous adaptation of glucose, alleged a polysaccharide (poly = many, saccharide = sugar). Back our anatomy needs a quick addition of activity or back we aren’t accepting abundant glucose from food, glycogen burning occurs as your anatomy uses up all the stored fuel, giving you no way to get area you appetite to go.

How your anatomy food glucose for best drives

To accept glycogen depletion, let’s aboriginal explain how your anatomy affluence activity (glucose) for emergencies. To clue you into the accent of glucose, seventy-five percent of glycogen (stored glucose) is acclimated by the academician and axial afraid system. It’s no admiration why we get hangry!

Glycogen is either created anon from aliment (glycogen synthesis) or through an aberrant alleyway (gluconeogenesis). Back you eat a meal with carbohydrates, your anatomy releases insulin, which takes glucose from the claret for activity into the cells. Back the anatomy gets balance fuel, the glucose molecules are affiliated calm in a chain, bearing best units, alleged glycogen.

Glycogen has a max akin of accumulator afore it gets converted to fat. Accumulator levels depend on your anatomy and factors such as action level, sex, and beef mass. Your anatomy can abundance about 1,600-2,800 calories of carbohydrates in the anatomy of glycogen in your muscles, liver, red claret beef and kidneys afore it is adapted to fat.

What is glycogen depletion?

When we don’t accept abundant glucose in our diet, or we use it up during exercise, we tap into our body’s adored reserves. Back our claret amoroso levels bead lower than normal, glycogen is appear by the alarmist again burst bottomward so the glucose can be shared. This circuitous mechanism, called glycogenolysis, helps antithesis claret amoroso levels. Already all the stored glycogen is depleted, you will feel tired, fatigued, and your exercise achievement will suffer.

The glycogen that is stored in our anatomy is for “locals only.” In added words, already it’s stored in muscle, it’s not able of actuality transported to added areas of the anatomy to accommodate fuel. Instead, it charge be acclimated at the site. Back your anatomy can’t advance for one added rep, this acceptable agency that the glycogen has been depleted in those muscles.

How continued does it booty to bankrupt glycogen stores?

The type, intensity, and continuance of exercise can appulse how continued it takes to bankrupt glycogen stores. Actuality are some accepted ranges:

  • Daily active activities: 12-22 hours

  • Low to abstinent acuteness exercise (distance running): 90-120 minutes

  • High-intensity exercise (HIIT training): 20 minutes

When you “hit a wall” during your workout, this is partially due to glycogen depletion. Archetypal affection are an acute accident of activity and fatigue. Glucose additionally generates ATP which is the ultimate anatomy ammunition source. Baby amounts are present in the anatomy at any accustomed time and are acclimated in anaerobic (lack of oxygen) exercise abiding beneath than 10 seconds (i.e., a quick sprint) or up to 30 abnormal for an athlete. Added than this, ATP charge be fabricated through glycogenolysis.

What does glycogen do for muscles?

Glycogen is the capital energy-giver during exercise. The bigger your anatomy can abundance glycogen, the bigger it will be able to complete concrete tasks. If low levels of glycogen accessible in the body, you won’t be able to assignment out at a aerial intensity, and the continuance of your training affair will be limited. Multiple studies show that fatigue, a abatement in performance, and affection of overtraining are accompanying to low-carb diets that account glycogen depletion.

What restores glycogen?

When the anatomy adventures burning of stores, it will booty about 24 hours to refuel (i.e., to ingest, digest, and catechumen aliment into glycogen). It is accepted that carb-containing foods will advice furnish aliment the best efficiently. Back aliment is digested, glucose is created. The pancreas recognizes this and produces insulin, a hormone that regulates the bulk of glucose present in the bloodstream. Any glucose that isn’t acclimated at this time is directed to the alarmist to be stored as glycogen.

To carb amount or not to carb load

One way that athletes abundance ample amounts of glycogen is through carb loading. This is back carbohydrate-rich commons are captivated afore an event. While this adjustment may accommodate fuel, it has collapsed out of favor because of ancillary furnishings of balance baptize weight and assimilation problems (I allege from claimed experience). If you’re training for an event, such as a marathon, agreement with any diet changes weeks—even months—before the accident to accomplish abiding they assignment for you.

A altered adjustment acclimated by some athletes is to abate carbs during training. This after-effects in a abridgement of glycogen and triggers the anatomy to use fat food for ammunition instead. It’s not appropriate to try a new conditioning accepted if you are new to a low-carb diet like the ketogenic diet (keto for short). You can end up with flu-like affection such as grogginess or an agitated stomach. Go apathetic and try not to accomplish too abounding changes at once.

Before you try any acute diet, such as the keto high-fat, low-carb one, we acclaim you do your analysis and argue a physician.

More about keto

When switching to a low-carb diet, glycogen food are depleted. This after-effects in fatigue, low energy, sluggishness, and brainy dullness. Already the anatomy renews its glycogen stores, activity and brainy accuracy are restored. It can booty up to several months for an amateur to acclimatize to a low-carb and high-fat or keto diet afore they assuredly acquaintance absolute metabolic changes and beef glycogen.

Starting a low-carb diet will aftereffect in antecedent weight loss. This happens because back glycogen is stored in your muscle, its apprenticed to water. However, the quick burning of glycogen and accelerated baptize weight accident will eventually account weight to return. Accumulate in apperception that these weight fluctuations are water, not fat.

Eating actual low-carb is not ideal for high-intensity exercise because the anaerobic arrangement relies on breaking bottomward glucose for energy. Back diets like the ketogenic diet bake fat instead of glucose for fuel, that quick glucose-based activity is not available. During high-intensity exercise, the anatomy accouterment to use glycogen as ammunition behindhand of your carb intake. That means, if you absorb beneath carbs, your anatomy will accept beneath activity to assignment with accordingly compromising your training.

Keto-curious? Find out added about the ketogenic diet and see if it’s absolutely account all the the hype.

Bottom line

That was a lot of science-backed information. Actuality it is in short:

  • Glucose is the primary antecedent of activity for the anatomy and brain

  • Glycogen is the name for stored glucose

  • Glycogen burning happens back we run out of glycogen aliment because of abridgement of aliment or acute exercise

  • Glycogen in the anatomy can alone be acclimated by that muscle

  • Glycogen stored in the alarmist can be acclimated throughout the body

  • Carb-containing foods restore glycogen best effectively

  • When afterward a low-carb diet, your anatomy needs time to acclimatize to a new ammunition source

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