Gol D. Roger’s Official Devil Fruit Status and What It Means

The following contains spoilers for One Piece Episode 1047, “The Sky Over the Capital” by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul and Vanessa Satone, available in English from Viz Media.

Wealth, fame, power. The Pirates King Goal D. Roger got this and everything else. A piece the world had to offer. Naturally, hearing these words at the beginning of so many episodes, fans expected Devil Fruits to be among the world’s treasures.

Fans have long wondered what Roger’s Devil Fruit Powers might be, or if they even exist. had 1. Being the Pirates King seems to require at least possession. a little Devil Fruit Kind. Chapter 1047 of the manga, “The Sky Over the Capital,” finally resolves this decades-old fan question. The consequences of this reveal affect not only how readers view the Pirate King, but also the entire power structure. A piece.

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The topic came up in Luffy’s final battle with Kaido. The Emperor amused himself with the ridiculous new achievements provided to the Straw Hat captain through the Devil Fruit Awakening. Despite this, he was not convinced that the boy had the strength to conquer.

Kaido cited Gold Roger to support his claim. Looks like the Pirates King Gold Roger, didn’t He has a Devil Fruit power of his own. When it comes to power, it has reached its peak with its raw power and mastery in Haki.

Frankly, the first thing Kaido’s explanation does is debunk any theory his fans have if Roger’s Devil Fruit really exists. Most of these theories revolved around him being the previous heir to an established Devil Fruit. There were all sorts of Fruits suggested for it, including Flame-Flame Fruit, Pump-Pump Fruit, and Op-Op Fruit. Since Roger died at the start of the series, Fruit could be anything shown on screen.

Some even theorized that Luffy had his own Gum-Gum Fruit. That could explain many things, including why Shanks and the World Government wanted this so badly. This theory was both the most common and the most controversial.

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Alongside the predestined Devil Fruits, many fans have theorized that Roger may have some unconfirmed Fruits based on clues interspersed throughout the narrative. One theory suggested that it was some sort of Devil Fruit that controlled the weather; It was also speculated that this Fruit was transferred to Monkey D. Dragon, who seemed to have some kind of wind-based powers. Another theory suggested that it controlled waves; this can be received as ocean waves, but brain waves, radio waves etc. It can also mean. Both of these theories have been used to explain the freak storm that helped him in his battle with the Golden Lion Shiki. There are all kinds of theories like this one to explain all the strange things supposed to happen during Roger’s journey.

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