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Have a Advantageous BBQ this Summer with These Tips and Recipes

With the sun animated and temperatures soaring, it’s time to get alfresco and blaze up the grill. Not alone is assay a fun action that involves the accomplished family, but it’s additionally a acute way to abstain an overcrowded, overheated kitchen and a abundance of dishes to ablution up.

Whether you’re assay for a weekday banquet or a weekend BBQ celebration, we’ll advise you all the appropriate tips and tricks to put on a fun, healthy BBQ. And, because this is an 8fit article, we’ll additionally allotment some of our admired BBQ skewer recipes, suggestions for advantageous ancillary dishes, appetizing dip recipes and, of course, let’s not balloon dessert.

Healthy BBQ tips

When barbecuing, there are a cardinal of factors to accede like affable oils, assay temperature, baker times and aliment safety, too. Let’s get appropriate to it.

Choosing the appropriate oil

When debating which affectionate of oil to use, it’s important to accede the smoke credibility of altered oils. The smoke point determines at which temperature the oil starts to bake and, as you ability accept guessed, turns into smoke. If this happens, it agency that the oil is becoming carcinogenic, i.e. cancer-causing. That said, the college the smoke point of an oil, the beneath alarming it becomes back cooked. Actuality are the capital ones to use and abstain while grilling:

  • Do use: Avocado oil, attic oil, ghee, sunflower oil

  • Avoid: Added abstinent olive oil (EVOO), flaxseed oil

Using oil

You don’t charge to deluge your aliment in oil afore putting it on the barbecue – abacus a dribble of oil is added than enough.

Tip from Coach Lisa: Fill an abandoned aerosol canteen with a good-for-grilling oil of your choice. That way, you can use it sparingly and bound awning all surfaces.

Dangers of charring

When you barbecue meat at aerial temperatures or for continued periods of time, a acknowledgment in the aliment occurs which after-effects in charing (blackening) of the food. Admitting you may adulation that “burnt” acidity and the aesthetics of those aphotic barbecue marks, your anatomy may not adulation it all that concoction (hello, carcinogens).


  • Cook meat until it’s brown, not black

  • Try to baker the meat until it’s average or medium-well rather than able-bodied done

  • If you do appear to bake some parts, trim those $.25 off afore serving

  • Be alert that charing worsens back aliment is marinated in aperitive sauces, as sweeteners like sugar, honey and maple syrup burn faster

  • Opt for angular meats, they accept beneath fat and therefore beneath carcinogens

  • Cut meat into baby pieces to abate baker time

Marinating meat

There are abounding means to marinate your meat such as with vinegar, herbs, aroma rubs and assertive types of fruits like pineapple, papaya and kiwi. Marinating meat serves three purposes:

  • It infuses the meat with acidity and reduces the charge for added condiment back it comes of the grill

  • Fruits like pineapple accommodate an agitator that tenderizes meat by breaking bottomward the meat structure

  • Herbs and spices abate the baleful aftereffect as a aftereffect of their antioxidant content

Cleaning your grill

When fat drips from the meat assimilate the BBQ and creates smoke, baleful chemicals form. After able cleaning, his balance can body up on your barbecue over time and alteration to your aliment whenever you use your grill.

As such, it’s important to apple-pie your barbecue generally and as best you can. Use a brush, a barbecue brick or agnate apparatus to apple-pie the apparent of your barbecue as able-bodied as underneath. Use a mix of baking soda and alkali for tougher balance and a added absolute cleaning.

Food safety

Food assurance is generally disregarded in the calefaction of the moment – abnormally with party-related distractions. Actuality are some tips for befitting your BBQ advantageous and safe, too:

  • Clean utensils: Already you add the aliment to the grill, ablution all accoutrement — tongs, knives and spatulas — that accept appear in acquaintance with raw meat. As an alternative, accept an added apple-pie set accessible at duke to use back you abolish your aliment from the barbecue or while administration veggies.

  • Clean surfaces: Accomplish abiding you’ve got apple-pie chopping boards or plates to put your aliment on already it comes off the grill.

  • Clean hands: Get into the addiction of abrasion your easily meticulously, abnormally afterwards administration basic meat.

Healthy BBQ recipes: Capital dishes

Now that you apperceive the best practices for a advantageous BBQ how about some delicious, hassle-free recipes? You can basic them in advance, stick them in the fridge, again put them on the barbecue back the time’s right.

Pineapple skewers

It’s quick, it’s accessible and it alone has bristles ingredients. Best bodies wouldn’t anticipate of assay fruit, but fruits like pineapple caramelize on the grill, authoritative them alluring to eat and the absolute summer treat. Amalgamate pineapple with tofu and onions, again awning them in a back-scratch alkali afore agreement on the grill. They’ll be accessible to eat in aloof 10 minutes.

Lamb kofta

These lamb koftas are accessible to accomplish and alike easier to eat. The aroma of those spices baking over hot dress-down is so amazing it makes your aperture water. Brace these koftas with a tzatziki-style cucumber, excellent and yogurt sauce. Adapt the meatballs a day in beforehand and arctic them if you’d like, again baker them on a attenuate barbecue rack, or use skewers for accessible dipping.

Beef & pepper skewers

The abundant affair about this bowl is that you can adapt all the elements on the barbecue — alike the potatoes. The beef and alarm peppers are slathered in cilantro and chili marinade, and the potato wedges are broiled on the side. For best flavor, basic your skewers in beforehand and air-condition for about one hour.

Healthy ancillary dishes for BBQ parties

A BBQ wouldn’t be complete after some appetizing account which is why we’re giving you some options for sides, dips and alike a dessert.

Side dishes

The archetypal accessory to a advantageous BBQ would, of course, be salads. There are endless combinations you can try out, but abacus potatoes and axis it into a potato bloom is an automated acceptable dish.

  • Grilled vegetables are addition abundant accompaniment to a BBQ dish. Bok choy, beetroot, candied potato and aubergine all barbecue to accomplishment back sprayed with some oil. We admonish admixture veggies with seasonings and wrapping them in aluminum antithesis afore throwing them on the grill. Be accommodating as they cook.

  • Up for bootleg  healthy coleslaw? Again abrade banknote and amalgamate it with apparent yogurt instead of mayonnaise. If you feel like article lighter, go for a apparent ol’ slaw instead by application auto abstract and spices instead of yogurt.

  • Baked potatoes are consistently a abundant advantage as you can top them with annihilation you enjoy. They’re abnormally adapted for vegetarian guests who can eat them as a capital (combine with a protein like Greek yogurt for a acceptable topping).

8fit compound suggestion: The Spiced Blah in Attic Milkrecipe is a close crowd-pleaser and is accessible in no time. Add blah on the cob to a curry-spiced attic sauce, again topped with beginning chili and coriander. For this occasion, barbecue the blah on the BBQ and add the booze later. You can additionally skip the added protein crumb if you’re bistro it with meat or broiled tofu.

Healthy dips

Healthy dips are accessible to make, so instead of branch beeline to the abundance for some sauce, try authoritative your own. Not alone are they bigger for you, but they’re aperitive too.

  • Yogurt-based dips are a abundant way to add creaminess to your bowl after the all of the fat and calories of acerb creams and cheeses. Acidity the yogurt with garlic, herbs or a array of dry spices. If your admired dip compound calls for mayo, try bond yogurt with some mustard, auto abstract and alkali instead.

  • Guacamole is consistently a champ at the table. Alpha with the basics – avocado, citrus juice, garlic and a blow of chili – again account like onion and amazon to aggregate it up or accomplish it added chunky.

  • Like guacamole, you can’t go amiss with beginning salsa. Salsa lends your meat or veggies that added action of acidity and an added pop of color. To accomplish salsa, chop up tomatoes, onions, cilantro and jalapeños, again add a clasp of adhesive abstract to accompany it all together.

8fit compound suggestion: Our Tahini Blooming Dip is basically a aberration of hummus, i.e. alloy chickpeas with parsley, tahini, auto and garlic. Atom spoonfuls assimilate your meat and adore in big mouthfuls.


Last but not least, a ambrosia compound ill-fitted for the BBQ. Authoritative ambrosia on the barbecue is a not-so-obvious but abundant way to actualize adorable sweets. Try assay fruits like pineapple, peaches, plums, figs and bananas.

8fit compound suggestion: This Baked Acceptable with Ricotta recipe can be able in the oven, or bigger yet, on the grill. Alpha by acid the peaches in half, removing the pit and agreement them on the barbecue set to low. Afterwards about 10-20 account (depending on your barbecue calefaction or flame), removed the peaches and ample the cavities with the ricotta and biscuit cream, able while you waited. Accomplishment the bowl off with a brittle walnut topping.

Now, go accept fun

Now that you’re able with all the accoutrement you charge for a advantageous BBQ, you can adore some adorable aliment and acceptable company. Remember, parties like BBQs are all about accepting fun. Don’t bind yourself, artlessly adore the aliment in moderation. If you’re committed to your 8fit meal plan, add some of our appropriate 8fit commons to your BBQ menu. Then, applesauce things up with some healthy mocktails and refreshing flavored waters.

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