Here’s what real entrepreneurs think of The Apprentice

I was sitting there saying, “I wouldn’t hire any of them!” “I wouldn’t like those kind of employees in my business, if something is wrong we have to look at it as a team, not who did what wrong.

I have a seven year old so thinking about the women’s team app he wouldn’t really know what was going on there needed more instruction to teach him how to brush his teeth. And that tooth icon was scary, it was terrifying actually.

And the men’s team brush, I wouldn’t want to buy something that looks like poop for my seven year old. Even if he wanted me to buy it, I wouldn’t.

What is the apprentice wrong with being an entrepreneur?

When I was employed I would have put it higher thinking it would be like in business. But now I’m working for myself, I know it’s not like that.

In the series, you have to get it right the first time. The women’s team only succeeded because they seemed willing to take feedback and tailor their product to the customer. The men were really reluctant to change anything. They had to bow to the client’s expertise and change the color of the toothbrush – we all have to agree that it looked like poop.

But business, you have to fail and then take it back.

What are you doing well?

It’s really fun to see how quickly something can be done. They have such a small window to achieve something, so seeing it go from start to finish so quickly makes a great television.

What would you have done differently?

I think I would have been a little more creative because that’s where my expertise lies. So I would do better in terms of creativity, but working with them I would have a hard time.

You can see their frustration; they’re all very smart, very smart business people, but they’re used to doing whatever they want, and because as business owners we’re the boss.

The big televised question

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Koye Adesanya, 28, London, founder of clothing brand Mojo Kojo

Picture: Koye Adesanya

What did you think of the competitors?

I would definitely not employ Aaron. I think Aaron is a strong leader, and that’s a good quality for any entrepreneur, but he wasn’t really listening to his colleagues’ point of view.

I liked Navid he seems to have a soft voice but he scored really good points during band season but I think because he has a soft voice he can be overlooked. But I would like to work with him in the future if I had to choose.

As someone who designed a product yourself, how accurate was last night’s design challenge?

Yesterday’s episode was pretty realistic, I can’t lie. You can certainly learn more about certain cases.

Trying to think about what was unrealistic about this, because you are talking to buyers, you showcasing your product, you have to create a product that involves creative direction, you try to choose who would be the best in different teams . The only aspect that is unrealistic is the meeting room.

When they presented their products, it’s something I did with Urban Outfitters. I went to their head office and stood in front of them like on the show, trying to get them to buy my product. They stocked my collection in 2019 and last year we were stocked in a store in Australia which was pretty cool.

Would you ever apply for the show?

My dad is a bit of an Alan Sugar, you know he’s pretty jaded with what he says but tells the truth. But I’m not like that, I tell people the truth but I try not to hurt people.

I am very creative. Designing the app – there have been so many blunders in terms of creative direction – but I’d be pretty good at it. I know how to make a great product and how to get people to buy it. It’s a game isn’t it, and I love to win.

Richard Osborne, 46, Northampton, founder of UK Business Forums

Image: Richard Osbourne

What did you think of the products imagined by the teams?

The women’s team app didn’t make sense, but she had a bit of energy about it. And the men’s team, these aren’t the brightest tools in the toolbox to create a product that looks like shit. I was sitting at home grinding my teeth.

I agree with Sir Alan’s decision for the women’s team to win, but when you compare terrible with not so bad, not so bad won.

You’ve got twenty years of business experience, was anything in last night’s episode realistic?

I was a huge fan of the show and actually got to know some of the contestants early on. There was a way that meant you could relate to them. But I could have stopped watching last night’s episode after 10 minutes.

It’s like a squeaky team building exercise, like the boss saying, “Come on everyone, let’s make a crane out of bread!”

And you would never pit boys against girls, men and women work well together.

Is there anything aspiring entrepreneurs could learn from the show?

It seems less and less about business acumen or education. You can’t watch this show and learn about the business, you watch it for the cringe factor.

Shows like this encourage people to start their own businesses. More and more people are starting their businesses every year, and you have this program that showcases it.

To the producers of the show, please stop painting a picture of what people who run their own businesses look like!

Could you have done better?

I can’t believe these people are really as business-savvy as they are. I am very confident that I would have done better, but I would not go on the show.

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