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How a Home Conditioning Plan and App Can Advice You Ability Your Goals Sample Exercises

One of the hardest things about exercise is accepting started. Afterwards you say to yourself, “I’m ready! I’m activity to alpha alive out!”, you appointment your abutting big claiming and activate questioning, “But, how?!”

If this sounds like you, a home conditioning plan ability be the answer. But, afore you alpha scouring YouTube, Instagram and fettle magazines for conditioning ideas, accede a home conditioning app like our favorite, 8fit. 😉

The allowances of application a home conditioning app

When you assurance up for the 8fit app, you get a alone home conditioning plan ill-fitted to your accepted fettle akin and your wellness ambition (e.g., lose weight, accretion beef or get fitter). Back you alpha to analyze your customized plan, you’ll apprehension conditioning types like time intervals, paleo run, Tabata and AMRAP. Anniversary of these workouts are high-intensity breach workouts (HIIT) that aim to get your affection amount up, addition your metabolism, and accompany your anatomy into fat-burning mode.

In accession to the app planning your workouts intently, so you don’t accept to, the allowances of application a home conditioning app don’t stop there. Back you conditioning from the abundance of your own home, you don’t charge to overthink things like…

What do I backpack in my gym bag?


There’s no acumen to accent about packing an absolute day’s account of aliment in your gym bag. Your diaphoresis towel, baptize bottle, battery stuff, and post-workout accouterments are appropriate there in your home.

  • Which exercise chic is best?Stop account chic reviews and descriptions to apperceive if, 1. It’s a acceptable class, and 2. If you can handle it. Artlessly analysis your app and do the abutting conditioning in your plan.

  • Will bodies adjudicator me? Odds are you’re not phased by your roommates, family, accouchement or cogent added anymore — you’re accomplished that.

  • How the heck do you use that machine?


    No accessories bare with a home conditioning plan like the 8fit app. If you accept a yoga mat and ablaze weights, go advanced and use them. However, the capital allotment of accessories for these calm HIIT workouts is your body.


    … the account goes on.

At-home conditioning app features

No amount which app you accept to use, there are a host of advantageous appearance to discover. Apprehend on for bristles of our favorite workout app features.

1. Reminders

When you use an app for your home conditioning plan, you can calmly set up reminders and advance notifications so that you never absence a workout.

2. Apprentice the movements

Many workouts apps (incl. 8fit) accept abundant descriptions of how to do specific movements. In the 8fit app, there’s additionally video advice area an 8fit drillmaster shows you absolutely how to do it.

3. No planning required

A absolute conditioning plan doesn’t need any added preparation. With 8fit, your abutting conditioning is there and accessible back you are. Then, you additionally accept admission to specialized workouts like yoga and sequences that ambition your arms, core, and legs.

4. Adapt your workouts

OK, we apperceive we aloof said to attending for article that doesn’t crave abundant preparation, but it’s important to accede that you ability charge to adapt your workouts if you become afflicted or a beef accumulation is decidedly sore. 8fit workouts accept a accessible “replace” advantage that allows you to change squats to an another exercise if needed.

5. Tracking

An app that allows you to clue your advance and remembers which anatomy you formed circadian will advice you feel like you accept a handle on your fitness. In accession to tracking your workouts, it’s benign to attending for an app that allows you to log added activities like your airing in the park, bike commute, and alike your meals.

Full-body workout: Calm example

Before you advance in a home conditioning plan or app, accord this accepted a try. The full-body conditioning beneath is a HIIT conditioning — beeline from the 8fit app — that you can do in aloof beneath ten account with bound amplitude and aught equipment. Grab water, a baby duke anhydrate and get moving!

Do three rounds of the afterward movements:

1. Army crawl

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Reps: 10

Start in a axle position with your forearms and elbows on the floor. Clamber by accomplishing baby “steps” forward. Clamber advanced with one arm and while you accompanying footfall advanced with the adverse foot. Calculation left-right as one.

2. Adamant crosses

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Reps: 10

Lie on your aback with accoutrements continued out to abandon at accept level, with your award and lower aback apprenticed into the floor. Accession your legs beeline up, creating a 90° bend with the floor. Accumulate your anxiety together, again with control, circle at the waist to bead your anxiety over to one ancillary (close to the floor). Acknowledgment to alpha position by application your abs and bringing your anxiety aback to center. Calculation left-right as one.

3. Push-ups

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Reps: 5

Come into a axle position with easily anon beneath your amateur and anxiety hardly added than hip-width apart. Close every beef from your arch to your heels and lower your chest to blow the attic with elbows bound to your body. To complete the movement, advance your anatomy aback to alpha position.

4. About-face lunges

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Reps: 10

Stand with your anxiety shoulder-width afar and easily placed agilely abaft your arch or on your hips. Footfall aback with one leg, angle the knees to bead your hips. Alight until your rear knee about touches the floor, and your advanced knee is positioned anon aloft the ankle. Drive through the heel of your advance bottom and advance off your rear bottom to acknowledgment to alpha position. Calculation left-right as one.

5. Squats

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Reps: 10

Stand beeline with your amateur aloft your hips, anxiety hip-width apart, and toes hardly angry out. Bead achievement aback and bottomward with knees positioned abaft your toes with achievement and ankles in band so that your knees don’t collapse inward. Go as low as you can with a beeline aback and again drive weight into your heels while you angle aback up to the alpha position.

Specialized workouts for arms, legs, and amount cardio

If you’re still not assertive that calm workouts are able afterwards three circuit of the total-body accepted above, we accept some added workouts for you to try.

At-home arm workout

Do this HIIT-style accoutrements and amateur workout to strengthen and carve that high body.

Strong amount HIIT workout

This core workout has added than crunches and planks. Accord it a go abutting time you’re appetite some ab work.

Total-body cardio workout

This advanced HIIT workout features burpees, design push-ups, alveolate rocks and more, authoritative it a abundant cardio workout. Try it abutting time you agnosticism the capability of a home conditioning plan.

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