How business leaders can plan their legacy

I read a lot about the workforce, human resources and business — articles, blogs, magazines, various posts and comments in specialty groups, vendor white papers and whatever else I can find. I listen to podcasts on my drive to the office. Thoughts and ideas from all over swarm through my head, where at some point I’m either able to put them together into some of my own views, or I somehow turn off the brain machine enough to go to sleep at night, to find them waiting for me in the morning.

Monica Blackwood, president and CEO of Westsound Workforce

Recently, I came across an article from a vendor written last year, “What is the Role of HR in Succession Planning?”, on Out of the gate the question was asked, “What do medieval monarchies and modern CEOs have in common?”

Given that I have several friends, acquaintances and connections who are CEOs, and I happen to be one, I was curious. What might I have in common with royalty?

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