How Can Shirahoshi Change the Balance of Power in One Piece?

A bit it is filled with mysteries and it is extraordinary how Eiichiro Oda nonetheless manages to maintain just a few mysteries secret even after a thousand episodes. One of many world’s biggest mysteries A bit Historic Weapons. There are three Historic Weapons – Pluto, Poseidon and Uranus. All three are regarded as able to inflicting widespread destruction. The Historic Weapons had been correctly talked about for the primary time through the Alabasta arc.


The Crocodile needed to grab Pluto, which is taken into account the most important warship in historical past. It’s thought of highly effective sufficient to destroy a complete island. With such ridiculous energy, it is no surprise why a number of characters are attempting to pay money for one of many Historic Weapons. Just one Historic Weapon has been proven thus far, and that’s Poseidon. In contrast to Pluto, Poseidon is definitely a dwelling being. The present proprietor of this energy is Shirahoshi, the princess of the Isle of Fish-Man.

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Earlier than Shirahoshi was born, she was prophesied by Shirley that Neptune’s daughter could be born with the facility to doubtlessly destroy the world. The poneglyph in Skypiea spoke of Poseidon who led the Roger Pirates to Fishman Island. After arriving on Fishman Island, Oden learn the 2 pongelifs, and one of many pongelifs contained Joyboy apologizing to the folks of Fishman Island for not retaining his phrase.

Since Shirahoshi was not born presently, he was additionally unable to meet Roger Joyboy’s dream. When Shirahoshi was lastly born, Roger had been executed by the World Authorities. It took a number of years for Shirahoshi to awaken his sleeping energy. Seeing her mom being threatened by Mjosgard, Shirahoshi began to cry and her voice drew the large Sea Kings to her. When Otohime realized of Shirahoshi’s energy, the primary declared him to be essentially the most highly effective drive on the planet. Otohime realized that this energy might spell catastrophe if it fell into the improper arms, and did the whole lot to guard her daughter.

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Years later, when the Straw Hats visited Fishman Island, Shirahoshi had grown up, however he nonetheless could not management the facility that was dormant inside him. There was a second when he summoned the Sea Kings to take Noah and forestall him from crashing into Fishman Island.

Shirahoshi realized loads after assembly Luffy. He was capable of get out of his consolation zone and go to Reverie, however these weren’t the most effective experiences for him because the Celestial Dragon tried to enslave him. Luckily for Shirahoshi, Donquixote Mjosgard was close by and attacked Charlos. Then Mjosgard apologized to Shirahoshi and the others for Charlos’ habits.

The Energy to Change the World

Poseidon has the facility to talk to and provides orders to the Sea Kings. Sea Kings are large and might simply destroy a big ship. Poseidon’s energy is meant for use to convey Noah to the floor in an effort to maintain his promise to Pleasure Boy. However the promise was not stored, and for generations Poseidon’s energy was handed on to the mermaids born of the Royal Household. Nevertheless, nobody can awaken the facility till Shirahoshi. Shirahoshi just isn’t a violent particular person, so it’s affordable to imagine that he won’t use his energy to destroy the islands.

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