How much gaming PC storage do I really need in 2022?

With digital showcases like Steam, Origin, Epic, GOG Galaxy, and Ubisoft Join occupying the overwhelming majority of PC avid gamers’ exhausting drives, how a lot storage will you really need on a gaming PC in 2022?

It is common for many gaming PCs at present to ship with a 1TB SSD as normal, whether or not it is NVMe or SATA; that is what your bootOS (the place Home windows is saved) occupies, it is a part of the capability. Now, in case you’re contemplating constructing a gaming PC from scratch, being good concerning the quantity of storage in a funds system is a good way to chop these prices. Luckily, it is now simpler than ever with extra choices out there to you for each SSDs of all sorts and normal exhausting drives.

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