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Is Milk Acceptable for You? Diet Facts and Myths

The “Got Milk?” attack was one of the best memorable of its time. From the acclaimed Michael Bay-directed “Aaron Burr” commercial to the to the amaranthine milk mustache cutting celebrities like Dennis Rodman, Britney Spears, and Kermit the Frog, bubbler milk was accounted a abundant way to advice us break advantageous and body able bones. But contempo account and reviews accept larboard us questioning, “Is milk acceptable for you?”

Milk is a arguable topic. Some sources advance it as one of the best alimentative foods around, while others appearance it as added adverse than helpful. The USDA recommends adequate three circadian servings of low or fat-free milk or dairy to advance all-embracing bloom and assure our bones, while Harvard University states that arresting added than one or two servings per day can advance to poor cartilage bloom and some cancers. Mix calm with lactose intolerance, allergies, and assorted assembly methods and you’ve got yourself a cold, alpine bottle of confusion. We’re actuality to appearance you the non-milky way.

A abrupt bovine milk history

The use of dairy was referenced in Western ability both in the Old and New Testaments. The adventurer affairs came about as a aftereffect of acreage not actuality acceptable for farming. As a result, assorted cultures acclimatized by application the milk from animals to advice sustain themselves, abundantly acclimated in brewed forms. 

Is milk acceptable for you?

Dairy has been in the animal diet for over 9,000 years and yet the accompanying symptoms, such as lactose bent and allergies, accept been added recent. Avant-garde processing has compromised the affection of milk and afflicted the way our bodies absorb it.

Milk processing

Pasteurization is the heating of milk in adjustment to accomplish it safe and extend the shelf activity by antibacterial adverse bacteria. But some altercate that pasteurizing can accept adverse furnishings because it additionally decreases the healthy bacilli which artlessly assure adjoin adverse pathogens. It additionally amercement some protein, enzymes, and vitamins, authoritative them added difficult to absorb.

Homogenization is an emulsion (mixture) of fat and oil. In its natural, raw form, the fat would acceleration to the top of the liquid. Homogenization is a automated action that pushes the milk fat beneath aerial burden through a tiny strain. This makes the milk beneath acceptable to separate, convalescent the attending and mouthfeel. It’s beheld as a abrogating convenance by some professionals because it amercement the anatomy of the fat, arch to affliction to the gut lining.

Growth hormones

Most bartering dairy beasts are injected with hormones and advance factors that accomplish them aftermath added milk. A accepted one, recombinant bovine advance hormone (rBGH), can account adverse bloom in beasts but as for humans, the evidence is inconclusive. Back analysis is still new and inconclusive, we acclaim awry on the safe ancillary by allotment amoebic milk from beasts that are chargeless of advance hormones.


The overuse of antibiotics in our avant-garde day can account an overgrowth of ailing bacteria. However, it’s cryptic whether or not the antibiotics that are administered to dairy beasts is extensive us via milk. About back beasts crave antibiotics, they are removed from assembly for 3-4 canicule and the milk is activated for antibiotics afore loading it for delivery. The botheration is back farms wrongfully action antibiotic-treated beasts too soon, acceptation the antibiotics are still in their systems and anesthetized assimilate the milk. 

As for amoebic milk, they are accountable to antibiotics too, but are kept out of assembly for alert as continued as bartering dairy cows. If the beastly is advised with antibiotics added than already a year, it’s assuredly removed from production.

Lactose intolerance

For some people,  ilk can be difficult to digest. It contains ample protein molecules which, in acute cases, can cause allergic reactions. Lactose bent is the disability to abstract milk amoroso (lactose), due to bare amounts of a digestive agitator (lactase). Those of you who acquaintance lactose bent apperceive that bistro dairy makes for some afflictive and awkward symptoms: gas, bloating, and diarrhea.

If you ache from lactose intolerance, you may appetite to accede demography Lactaid, affairs Lactose-free milk, or switching to a non-dairy alternative. You may acquisition that articles such as adamantine cheeses and brewed dairy (yogurt and kefir) are easier to abstract because the advantageous bacilli accept already partially burst bottomward some of the lactose for you.

Milk diet facts

Although hardly processed, milk is advised to be a accomplished food. It provides all three macronutrients and is an accomplished antecedent of B vitamins as able-bodied as fat-soluble vitamins, A and E. It’s mineral contour includes calcium and phosphorus, which are both acceptable for cartilage health. Due to its accessible assimilation as a liquid, it’s accomplished to add to post-workout candy or weight accretion shakes.

Nutrition facts for 1 cup (240 ml):

  • Skim: 80 kcal, 8g protein, 0 g fat, 11 g carbs

  • Low-fat: 120 kcal, 10 g protein, 2.5 g fat, 15 g carbs

  • 2%: 140 kcal, 10 g protein, 5 g fat, 14 g carbs

  • Full-fat: 220 kcal, 8 g protein, 8 g fat, 28 g carbs

Down to the bone

One milk allegory is that we accept to alcohol it in adjustment to get calcium. While calcium and dairy can lower the accident of osteoporosis and colon cancer, a aerial assimilation could possibly access the accident of prostate and ovarian cancer. Harvard recommends attached milk and dairy foods to no added than one to two servings per day. Added won’t necessarily do your basic good. Added means to accumulate your basic strong:

  • Eat affluence of abounding greens like broccoli, spinach, collard greens, and kale.

  • Get vitamin D from the sun. Or, in winter, eat foods affluent in vitamin D.

  • Be active: Accent weight-bearing contest such as walking, weight training, dancing or jogging.

Which milk is the best?

Milk is artlessly arranged with nutrients in a acceptable and calmly cooler and carriageable form. However, not all milks are created equal. Our acknowledgment to the question, “Is milk acceptable for you?” is that it depends on how it makes you feel; you apperceive yourself best.

We acclaim aiming for amoebic and grass-fed versions as abundant as accessible back they accommodate benign fats (omega-3), a bit added vitamins, and has beneath hormones and antibiotics. Back beasts are chargeless to roam and are fed what they’re meant to, they’re healthier. If you’re acute to cow’s milk, accord goat’s milk a go!

Want to dive into dairy-containing commons (vegans, feel chargeless to bandy non-dairy alternatives)? Assurance up for the 8fit app for cow’s milk containing, customizable recipes.

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