John Oliver Addresses Horrifying Environmental Racism in the United States

John Oliver recently delved into the topic of environmental racism in the US and how toxic pollution disproportionately affects people of color.

Source: LastWeekTonight/Youtube

The host of The Last Week Tonight, spoke about astounding studies that found that black Americans were exposed to 38 percent more polluted air and 75 percent more likely to live in communities that border a factory or plant.

According to a 2021 study funded by the EPA, exposure to air pollution was higher for people of color, regardless of region or income. They found that black Americans making a salary of $200,000 were exposed to more air pollution than white Americans making only $25,000. Oliver said the studies prove “yet again, racism is one of the few things in this country more powerful than money.

He went on to say, “In fact, I believe America’s current top five power rankings go: racism, beef, viral videos of soldiers reuniting with their dogs, DJ Khaled’s PR team, and then money.”

Throughout the next 20 minutes of the show, Oliver went on to talk about the horrifying history and federal policies that have landed America where it is today and what has caused these mass disparities. Federal policies prevented black Americans from obtaining home loans in areas where white people lived, also known as ‘redlining’. The areas where they could live were more often zoned near industrial areas and waste zones.

“Black neighborhoods, in particular, can be targeted with incredible precision and the stakes could not be higher here,” Oliver said. “Pollution is one of the driving factors behind conditions like heart disease, asthma, and even death with black Americans nearly three times as likely to die from exposure to pollution.”

Oliver talked about the West Calumet housing complex in East Chicago, Indiana which is a federally assisted housing community that is built on a former lead smelter. The lead levels are extremely dangerous and reportedly up to 200 times the emergency level.

Source: The Atlantic/Youtube

What’s disgusting is the government hiding the findings. Time and again, regulators knew areas like these are exposed to dangerous toxic chemicals, but failed to inform residents. The government knew about the area around the housing complex decades before they told the community. In 1985, 1998, and 2009, the EPA declared West Calumet a Superfund site and made it a priority for clean up but STILL did not notify residents because the federal law did not require it, to which Oliver said, “Which I truly cannot wrap my head around.”

“The whole point of Superfund is to officially classify something in the government record as very dangerous,” he said. “So it is not great to do that and then not tell the people actually at risk. It’s like putting a ‘Do Not Lean Over the Fence’ sign at a bear exhibit and having it face the bear side. Sure, the information is technically out there, but it’s not really doing much to improve public safety.”

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