Learn Illustration Skills When You Enroll in Online Classes

Illustration Online Classes
Creating an illustration is fun. It’s the perfect opportunity to utilize drawing skills to produce art that’s real, imagined, or a little bit of both. But where do you get started? With the online illustration courses offered through My Modern Met Academy, you’ll learn to draw people, buildings, and animals with ease.

My Modern Met Academy launched just a few months ago, but we have three illustration classes under our belt that provide hours of instruction. In our best-selling Architectural Illustration for Everyone course, you’ll learn alongside artist Demi Lang as she shows how to draw buildings in ink and colored pencil. When you’re done, you’ll have a row of three buildings recreated in all their amazing details.

Once you complete Lang’s comprehensive course, you can move on to Melissa De Nobrega’s Portrait Drawing for Beginners. In this class, she starts with the very basics—anatomy—and shows you how to capture someone’s likeness by looking at proportions and other visual cues. Best of all, these skills will translate to analog or digital drawing.

In addition to architectural illustration and portrait drawing, there is Anna Sokolva’s class Animal Portraits in Colored Inks. This is perhaps the most advanced of our illustration courses, but it’s also a beginner-friendly introduction to colored inks. Within the class, Sokolova demonstrates how to cultivate inspiration for your illustrations and how to use color to tell a story within your story. You’ll also get the chance to watch this award-winning artist at work—it’s one of the best parts of any class on My Modern Met Academy.

Check out these courses and enroll in them today. But don’t forget—we’ve got more than illustration. In fact, we have a new abstract realism painting class with artist Dimitra Milan that you won’t want to miss. It’s available for presale now before it goes live on May 15.

Learn illustration when you enroll in online classes on My Modern Met Academy. We have hours of instruction, including Architectural Illustration for Everyone.

Architectural Drawing Class on My Modern Met Academy

With the help of artist Demi Lang, you’ll learn how to recreate the amazing details of buildings.

Architectural Drawing Class on My Modern Met AcademyArchitectural Drawing Class on My Modern Met AcademyArchitectural Drawing Class on My Modern Met Academy

Get a peek into the class here:

Portrait Drawing Class

Taught by Melissa De Nobrega, the course starts with the artist helping you to understand our anatomy before showing you how to draw someone.

Portrait Drawing ClassPortrait Drawing Class

Check out the class:

Illustration Online Classes

While it’s the most advanced of our illustration classes, Anna Sokolova will go over creating compositions and using inks to create emotion through color.

Illustration Online ClassesIllustration Online ClassesIllustration Online Classes

Get an introduction to the class here:

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