Thursday, September 21, 2023

Learn to Accomplish Advantageous Home-Cooked Meals: 8fit Mini Challenge

Next anniversary marks the 11th anniversary of the advancing 8fit Claiming and the affair is portion control. To advice participants get a handle on allocation sizes, we will advise you how to use the best apparatus out there: your hands!

To accomplish sure challengers understand allocation control, they’ll be tasked with administration a photo of their admired 8fit recipe. In an accomplishment to accomplish the absolute 8fit association feel included, we’re active a 5-day mini claiming and advantageous them with a 1-year 8fit Pro membership. All you charge to do to win is column one photo per day of a advantageous home-cooked meal. If you already accept a Pro membership, we’ll extend castigation one year from the cessation date.

Challenge details

To participate in this mini challenge, post at atomic one 8fit compound photo on your Instagram folio per day (Monday through Friday). Your photo charge be of an 8fit meal you adapted yourself and the caption must accommodate the hashtag, #8fitRecipe. The champ will be called at random, so the added photos you column the better.

The official alpha date of this claiming is Monday, June 18, and the end time is Friday, June 22 at 12 pm PST. We’ll baddest a accidental champ on Monday, June 25.

8fit recipes to try

If you’ve acclimated 8fit Pro afore or if you accept a Pro annual currently, you’re apparently accustomed with your 8fit meal plan and the 8fit compound book. Chase your meal plan during this 5-day mini claiming and column at atomic one meal photo per day on Instagram to be acceptable to win one year of Pro. Actuality are some home-cooked meal ideas if your curated meal plan isn’t acid it:

If you don’t accept an 8fit Pro annual now, you can sign up for a trial or acquisition some free recipes on our website. We adulation these mini frittatas, this chickpea and avocado sandwich and this homemade pesto for pasta. 

How to use your easily for allocation control

What’s abundant about application the 8fit app for recipes is that commons are altogether portioned to fit your ambition — whether that be to lose weight, advance your accepted weight or accretion muscle. If you don’t accept a Pro annual and are afterward the recipes on our website, balloon barometer cups, scales, and teaspoons, because your easily are the best apparatus out there for barometer allocation sizes.

Here are some basal guidelines for barometer altered aliment groups with your hands:

Give these pointers a try. We can’t delay to see your advantageous 8fit recipes on Instagram! Claiming starts Monday, June 18, and ends Friday, June 22 at 12 pm PST. We’ll baddest a accidental champ on Monday, June 25.

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