Literary Figure Inspiration for One Piece Anime Characters

A bit It is without doubt one of the most iconic anime sequence in historical past, that includes an enormous world stuffed with bandits, heroes, and all the pieces in between. The setting is unique and all the pieces appears to suit the world completely. On high of that, inspiration is drawn from nearly in every single place to create one of the numerous and fascinating character units within the enterprise (a few of which actually deserve extra consideration).

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Listed below are among the most notable characters A bit. They appear to attract inspiration from all kinds of literary works spanning a number of languages, occasions and genres. All this reveals how in depth the inspiration is. A bit actually.


10 Charlotte Perospero Might Virtually Be a Roald Dahl Creation

With Candy-Candy Fruit and a very flamboyant fashion of gown, it is laborious to not see this member of the Huge Mother pirates as a funhouse mirror model of Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka. Charlie’s Chocolate Manufacturing facility.

Whereas Willy Wonka’s strategies and actions are definitely questionable at occasions, Huge Mother has nothing on this crime confectioner who appears to cease at nothing to get her will. The truth that this eccentric character matches the story so effectively is a real testomony to the ability of the sport. A bit‘ he’s writing.

9 Shirahoshi Intently Resembles A Well-known Fairy Story Character

It is almost inconceivable to flee the parallels in circumstances between Shirahoshi and The Little Mermaid from Hans Christian Andersen’s iconic story. Apart from being mermaid princesses, each really feel trapped within the depths of the ocean and wish to discover the broader world, though the shadow of hazard could appear nice (particularly with the revelation that Shirahoshi is definitely one of many three historic weapons).

Whereas Hans Christian Andersen’s basic is infamous for an extremely darkish ending, we hope the Straw Hat Pirates’ presence will carry Shirahoshi to a greater finish!

8 This Mythological Determine Has A Lot In Frequent With The God Enel

God Enel appears to have been impressed by quite a few mythological thunder gods, though his resemblance to Slim Shady will surely recommend that a couple of supply could have influenced the character. From Japanese mythology, Raijin can also be related to a drum ring round his particular person, showing on the high of those.

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Each Raijin and God Enel will be seen to have a particularly mischievous streak (though this most likely sells for much less in God Enel’s case) and guard the lands they rule. Lastly, the god Enel goes into area with a lunar military. That is undoubtedly not a conventional a part of Raijin mythology.

7 Charlotte Cracker May Have A Candy Spot For This Traditional Character

He is one other member of Huge Mother’s crew and continues to be sweet-themed regardless of being impressed by a totally completely different and far older supply materials. Whereas way more aggressive than its literary counterpart, this biscuit-based brawler may be very paying homage to the basic folks story Gingerbread Man.

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