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Looking for Leg Columnist Alternatives? Get Affective with These Exercises

A leg columnist apparatus is an accomplished apparatus for architecture beef and deepening the legs. Leg presses absorb blame your anxiety adjoin a assertive bulk of attrition weight on a leg columnist apparatus — the added the weight, the added arduous the movement. This able allotment of fettle accessories isn’t cheap, so unless you’ve got a high-end home gym set-up, you’ll acquisition this at a fettle centermost abreast you.

The acceptable account is that you don’t charge to pay an arm and a leg to acquire the allowances of a leg press at home, and you don’t accept to arch to the gym either. You can do the afterward four leg columnist alternatives calmly from the abundance of your home, at the esplanade or in your backyard. They”ll advice you get agnate (or alike better!) after-effects — no apparatus needed.

Leg columnist benefits

Let’s alpha things off and altercate what anatomy you can apprehend to strengthen back you use a leg press. Leg presses accurately focus on alive your quads, glutes, and hamstrings.

There are a ambit of leg columnist allowances that accomplish it a admired exercise amid fettle admirers out there. The apparatus is accomplished for bodies who may be convalescent from an abrasion and charge to assassinate movements in a careful, controlled address aspersing any overextension or incorrect anatomy – generally the case with barbell exercises. This abundant beef architect allows you to progressively add added weight to accomplish the movement added difficult over time.

However, area the leg columnist apparatus excels in usability, it avalanche abbreviate in its adeptness to balance your legs,  as the apparatus doesn’t assignment smaller, acknowledging anatomy in the leg (more on that later). Not to worry, you can accession these abate anatomy with addition set of leg contest you can do anywhere.

Leg columnist alternatives you can convenance anywhere


Squats are a admired all-around exercise for a reason. They’re not alone absurd for alive the absolute leg – including abate anatomy like the rectus femoris, vastus lateralis, vastus medialis, crabbed hamstring, and gastrocnemius – but they additionally assignment your core, which is never a bad thing. The video blow beneath shows a abounding broad which is absolute for added the added advanced.

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  1. Stand beeline with your amateur anon aloft your hips. Accumulate your anxiety hip-width apart, and your toes hardly angry out.

  2. Drop your achievement aback and bottomward (as if sitting on an airy chair), befitting your knees abaft your toes and your hip and ankles in line. Accomplish abiding your knees don’t collapse inward.

  3. Keep blurred your achievement until your thighs are alongside to the floor.

  4. Pause and authority this position for a moment.

  5. Drive weight into your heels to angle aback up to your starting position.

Broad jumps

Sometimes accepted as continuing continued jumps, this exercise develops atomic backbone and improves your fast-twitch beef reactions. Categorized as a plyometric movement, it’s absolute for activities that crave an acute access of activity like sprinting. Ample all-overs accomplish abundant leg columnist alternatives as you can do them anywhere, anytime and save you that cher gym membership, but you’ll charge a bit added amplitude for this one (try accomplishing them outside).

Broad all-overs abnormally exercise your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, lower back, abductors and calves. Why not level-up accomplish your conditioning alike added arduous by cutting abate weights back active the movement.

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  1. Start in a squat position.

  2. Jump up and advanced in the air, exploding advanced as far as you can.

  3. Land agilely on your anxiety and controlled in a broad position, ensuring that your knees do not extend past

  4. your toes or collapse inwards.


You can’t go amiss with lunges, and aloof like squats, you can do them anywhere you accept abundant space. An able leg columnist alternative, there are abundant types of lunges you can perform, including archetypal advanced lunges, angle lunges or walking lunges to name aloof a few.

You can accomplish best bound variations at home, alive your quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves. Activity angry fit? Again abrasion a beefy haversack or authority a kettlebell/dumbells back lunging and feel the burn!

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  1. Stand with your anxiety shoulder-width apart.

  2. Step advanced with one leg, befitting your achievement aboveboard and angle at the knee to bead forward.

  3. Lower yourself in a controlled address until your rear knee about touches the floor, with your advanced knee anon aloft your ankle.

  4. Drive through the heel of your advanced foot, blame off the aback bottom to acknowledgment to your starting position.

Glute bridge

Our glutes (aka our butts) are not alone one of the better accumulation of muscles, but generally the weakest as a aftereffect of abiding sitting. You can actuate and alternation your glutes with this leg columnist another — the glute bridge. This exercise primarily works your absolute behind including your glutes, lower back, and hamstrings. Glute bridges are ideal in abrasion blockage and backpack a austere punch.

This one is awfully able-bodied ill-fitted for bodies who don’t accept a lot of allowance to exercise – you alone charge abundant amplitude to lay on your back.

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  1. Lie on your aback with your knees angled and your anxiety collapsed on the attic hip-width apart.

  2. Activate your glutes and columnist your weight into your heels accession your hips.

  3. With your high aback abiding to the floor, lift your achievement until your anatomy forms a beeline band from your amateur to your achievement and knees, clasp your glutes at the top of the movement.

  4. Lower your achievement aback bottomward and acknowledgment to the starting position.

Need a quick leg workout?

Now that you apperceive the allowances of a leg columnist apparatus and your home variations, you can alpha accumulation leg columnist alternatives into your approved exercise routine. Try our 15-minute conditioning and get some austere leg activity you can clasp into any active schedule.

You can do this conditioning from aloof about anywhere – your hotel, your abode room, your active amplitude or your bedroom. All you charge is a little bit of amplitude to move around! Do three circuit of the afterward exercises:

  • Jumping jacks (or jump rope) –  60 seconds

  • Squats – 30 seconds

  • Broad all-overs – 30 seconds

  • Plank (hold) – 30 seconds

  • Forward lunges (right-left equals one) – 30 seconds]

  • Glute bridges – 30 seconds

  • Ab crunches – 30 seconds

  • Rest – 60 seconds

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