Modern Postcard Presentation on Direct Mail Retargeting at Smart Retail Tech Expo in Las Vegas

eCommerce brands gain insight into the fundamentals of this new channel to convert website visitors.

CARLSBAD, Calif., May 9, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — MODERN POSTCARD – The increase in the number of websites and fragmentation of digital channels and devices have led to new behaviors by consumers and new tactics by brand marketers. More and more brands are using conversion rate optimization tactics to try to capture more online purchasers, yet still, only 2% – 3% of online shoppers actually buy on their visit.

Add to that the staggering statistic that 70% of website visitors will never return to a site on their own, (Source: Opt-in Monster, 2017) it’s no wonder that digital retargeting has been embraced by marketers of every kind of business. And 50% of marketers note they will increase their retargeting budget in the upcoming year. (Source: Siteefy)

And while digital retargeting is a vital and foundational marketing approach, current studies indicate that Ad Blocking and Ad “Blind” rates, in addition to those folks opting out via iOS, reduce the number of visitors actually reached via digital retargeting. When visitors do see an ad, the click-through rates still hover around 0.7%…meaning 99.3% of those visitors don’t actually click the ads.

This is why there has been an opening in the eCommerce industry for Direct Mail Retargeting.

The concept is very simple and effective: anonymous visitors go to a website, and about 50% of them are matched to a household mailing address in a privacy-compliant way. Postcards are then mailed the next day via First-Class postage, ensuring the brand’s message arrives in the sweet spot of brand recall and relevance.

As eCommerce and retail brands embrace this new channel, some fundamentals of success have emerged. And, a full presentation of these new fundamentals is happening during the Smart Retail Tech Expo in Las Vegas, May 22nd, 2022. This show is a gathering of the eCommerce ecosystem – from brands to white label product sourcing and support services – all in one Expo. The show is designed to share new technologies and ideas with brands and services.

Chris FosterVP New Business Development from Modern Postcard, will be presenting on the 5 Fundamentals of Successful Direct Mail Retargeting at the Expo.

“Our E-commerce clients who follow the success factors and the 5 Fundamentals are seeing very high response and conversion rates,” says Chris FosterVP New Business Development at Modern Postcard.

“And it makes sense: reaching lost website visitors with a relevant Direct Mail postcard drives higher responses. The physical nature of the postcard, plus the timing and relevance, all combine to make this channel effective. Print has an impact on the brain that’s just stronger than digital. But, you have to follow basic Fundamentals to ensure your program’s success.”

The Five Fundamentals are:

1 – Qualify the website to see if Direct Mail Retargeting is the right fit.
Average Order Value should be $70+, Customer Lifetime Value at about $300+, and the monthly unique visitors to the website should be over 3,000. While these metrics aren’t absolute, they are the usual baselines for the most successful Direct Mail Retargeting programs in most industries.

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