Nashville’s Kirbee Miller Talks Entrepreneurship and All Things Culinary

KiNiMi Kitchen may only have launched five years ago, but it has already garnered an extensive following thanks to owner Kirbee Miller. The enigmatic entrepreneur has a career in the healthcare industry by day, then moonlights as a culinary expert, offering cooking classes, pop-ups, and even her own artisan popcorn line. Once you’ve seen Kirbee in action as she lends her passion to cooking and baking, one thing is clear: Her heart is in the kitchen. Please welcome this week’s FACE of Nashville, Kirbee Miller.

Kirby Miller looking to the side and laughing.

Meet our newest FACE of Nashville, KiNiMi Kitchen’s Kirbee Miller!

What is your first culinary memory, and what “fed” your passion for cooking?

I started cooking and baking at a very young age. I have always loved the creative process of making delicious food. Growing up in Michigan in a “cooking family” and surrounded by neighbors with various cooking styles, I had a diverse training ground — whether it was assisting my mother as she made her famous peach cobbler, watching my neighbor roast peppers for her delicious stuffed peppers (known around the neighborhood), or taking in every detail as my aunt made her legendary seafood gumbo. Each session in the kitchen was invigorating! I recall sitting for hours looking through cookbooks with fascination. I would select a variety [of them] From my mother’s baker’s rack, find a quiet place — often behind the couch with a blanket — and get lost in my own culinary world of imagination and possibilities.

One of my first memories in the kitchen involves learning to season food by how it “looks.” The correct amount of seasoning had a certain blend of color and texture. The intuitive aspects of cooking appealed to my love of creativity. The fact that I could create delicious and memorable dishes with my two little hands left quite the impression on my 5-year-old brain!

Kirbee Miller preparing a dish.

Kirbee describes her cooking style as intuitive and inclusive. “I have spent years learning and experiencing foods that span the cultural spectrum,” she tells us. “I love exploring various techniques and spices and crafting my own unique style.”

What inspired you to begin KiNiMi Kitchen?

We often rush past people; we don’t “see” them. Food is an equalizer. It’s a beautiful way to create delicious and inclusive spaces that foster connection. That’s what inspired KiNiMi Kitchen — the desire to cultivate meaningful connections that are nourishing on many levels. The concept of the “kitchen” transcends physical space. My goal was to build a brand that represents the safety, wisdom, warmth, and direction often experienced through the conversations that traditionally take place in the kitchen. My intention is to allow people space to discover and become more of themselves. I want to use the way that I’m designed, partnered with my life experiences, to be of service to build a community.

What can guests experience through KiNiMi Kitchen?

KiNiMi Kitchen is a multi-dimensional concept where guests can experience private and corporate culinary experiences. [I do] television appearances, event hosting and moderating, and keynote speaking about resilience and reinvention. I’m also excited to share a new membership offering that will launch soon, where people who are interested in exceptional culinary experiences, conversation, and connection can find a community!

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