New Law in Las Vegas Mandates Removal of ‘Nonfunctional’ Grass to Save Water

Amid the climate emergency, droughts are taking a toll on the Colorado River, which provides nearly 90 percent of the Las Vegas region’s drinking water supply. A new law in Las Vegas now mandates the removal of “nonfunctional” turf in favor of a desert-friendly landscape to save precious water.

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With water becoming more of a scarce resource, the state passed a law last year saying that all patches of grass found along streets in housing developments and commercial sites in and around Las Vegas must be removed. The state claims that they are nonfunctional and only serve an aesthetic purpose and are taking up water that needs to be used in other ways.

This law is the first of its kind in the nation and may be one of the most dramatic efforts to conserve water yet. Although many may deem this as extreme, the impacts of climate change are worsening and the growing droughts pose a threat to humans, animals, and the environment.

Lake Mead, a local reservoir formed by the Hoover Dam on the Colorado River is located in both Nevada and Arizona. In terms of water capacity, it is the largest in the US and the region relies on it for 90 percent of its drinking water according to The New York Times.

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Despite the reservoir’s potential, it has been shrinking since 2000, and now the water level is so low that the Southern Nevada Water Authority spent $1.5 billion over a decade to build a deeper pumping station to take even more water as the levels continue to drop.

The new law was passed to make sure that the water goes as far as it can, which means stricter rules regarding water use. The turfs deemed “nonfunctional” will have to be removed by 2027. According to The New York Times, authorities estimate there will be about 3,900 acres of grass needing to be removed, which will save up to 9.5 billion gallons of water annually.

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