Nordot Becomes Microsoft Partner in Content Delivery

NEW YORK, May 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Nordot, Inc., a leading provider of content syndication, sourcing, distribution and monetization solutions for global publishers, announced today that it has been selected as the official content distribution partner for Microsoft. Beginning. Under the terms of the collaboration, Nordot manages more than a hundred publishers that distribute content through Microsoft Start. Nordot provides a more comprehensive, fast and curated approach to content delivery and improves monetization for content publishers working with Microsoft Start. In the last twelve months (March 1, 2021 – February 28, 2022), Nordot publishers have generated more than one billion page views on Microsoft Start.

Nordot, whose initial relationship with Microsoft Start began in 2018 and was fully released in 2019, is one of Microsoft Start’s few distribution partners.

Nordot’s aggregation functionality benefits Microsoft Start through review, screening and revenue distribution, and a technical feed solution. Publishers enjoy the same benefits and may find it more efficient to work with Nordot, which distributes to multiple platforms in addition to Microsoft Start.

“We designed our moderation process to be seamless for Microsoft Start, and this allows more publishers to distribute their content through them,” said Aya Uryu, COO of Nordot USA. “Nordot eases publishers’ distribution efforts and frees Microsoft Start from a burdensome content sourcing challenge.”

Nordot was founded in Japan by Ryutaro Nakase and the company is backed by leading Japanese news agency Kyodo News and Z Holdings, a branch of Softbank. The company acts as a neutral technology provider for a wide range of news and content applications and distributors, and has built itself as a lean, scalable partner for broadcasters.

Nordot makes content distributable and monetizable for publishers of any size and can relate it to performance in any language and in any geography. This model offers an ecosystem that encourages and empowers publishers to team up for mutual advantage.

About Nordot
Nordot is the leading provider of content syndication, sourcing and distribution solutions for global broadcasters. The company’s distribution technology and open platform help publishers generate more revenue and increase the global distribution of their content. Nordot’s network has more than 2,000 publishers in 71 countries, including Reuters, DPA, AFP and many more leading content providers. Nordot offers syndication, sourcing and distribution solutions that enable publishers to gain additional monetization and visibility for their content.

The company is backed by Kyodo News and Z Holdings, a holding company controlled by the SoftBank Group and Naver Corporation, which owns Yahoo!. Japan. With offices in New York and Tokyo and a completely remote global team, Nordot serves both publishers seeking to maximize the value of their existing content and publishers seeking additional content and monetization at the same time. For more information, please visit

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