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Oat Milk vs. Almond Milk: Which Is Bigger For You?

Almond milk has continued been a basic of vegetarian diets, but oat milk has captured a fair allotment of the non-dairy milk industry in the accomplished few years. Why is oat milk aback so popular? Back it comes to oat milk vs. almond milk, is one of them bigger for you? 

More bodies are axis to non-dairy milk alternatives to use in their morning atom and broiled goods. If you’re vegan, lactose intolerant, accept aliment sensitivities, or otherwise, don’t appetite to absorb dairy, you may be analytical about all of the altered milk alternatives available.

Fortunately, there are abounding plant-based milk alternatives on the bazaar today, alike in boilerplate supermarkets. Plant-based milk has been accretion in acceptance in contempo years, arch to abounding altered options accessible on the shelves. In fact, the non-dairy milk industry is accepted to exceed $34 billion by 2024. 

Almond milk

Almond milk is a accepted plant-based milk alternative, but it’s not an advantage for anyone who has a nut abhorrence or sensitivity. 

Almond milk is produced by assimilation almonds and again pulverizing in a blender until smooth. The consistent admixture is strained, creating a bulb milk with a attenuate aftertaste that can be acclimated in aggregate from atom to baking. The extra lurid either be alone or acclimated in broiled goods.

Want to accomplish your own? Here’s how to accomplish almond milk.

Oat milk

Oat milk isn’t absolutely new, but a cardinal of new brands in the exchange accept brought to it renewed absorption in contempo years. Still, it ability be harder to acquisition it in your bounded bazaar compared to added accepted dairy alternatives like almond milk and soy milk.  

Oat milk is abundant for specialty diets because it’s dairy-free, nut-free, and gluten-free, as continued as it’s fabricated with certified gluten-free oats. Oats are artlessly gluten-free, but because oats are generally candy alongside aureate products, not all oat articles are gluten-free. If you’re affairs oat milk, accomplish abiding that it is in actuality fabricated with gluten-free oats.

Oat milk is additionally eco-friendly and after-effects in little waste. The assembly action of oat milk is agnate to almond milk: oats are blood-soaked in water, alloyed in a blender, and again strained. Because the oats are about absolutely captivated in the water, there is little extra pulp. 

Fancy giving it a attempt on your own? Here’s how to accomplish oat milk.

Nutrients in oat milk vs. almond milk

It’s adamantine to analyze the comestible agreeable of altered types of milk alternatives because altered manufacturers use altered ingredients. The afterward is a accepted comparison, but to see how altered brands assemblage up, you’ll accept to analysis the labels.


Oat milk has the accomplished carbohydrate agreeable amid plant-based milk substitutes. An eight-ounce bottle of oat milk contains about 16g of carbs. So if you’re on a keto diet or contrarily aiming for low carbs, oat milk may not be the best advantage for you. Almond milk may accept as little as 1g carbohydrates in one confined if it’s unsweetened.


Oat milk contains hardly added protein than almond milk and added nut milks, but not abundant to accede it a acceptable antecedent of protein. It additionally doesn’t accommodate all nine capital amino acids, so it isn’t a complete protein. One cup contains 2–3 grams of protein, compared to alone 1g protein in almond milk.

If you’re attractive for a plant-based milk that’s college in protein, pea milk may be a bigger option. The protein agreeable of pea milk is on par with cow’s milk and soy milk, at about 8g per serving.

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Oat milk is additionally appreciably college in calories than almond milk. It contains 120 calories in one confined compared to alone 60 calories in a confined of almond milk, so almond milk ability be the bigger bet if you’re aggravating to cut calories. 


The fat agreeable in oat milk is bifold that of almond milk: 5 grams of fat in oat milk vs. 2.5 grams of fat in almond milk. 


The amoroso agreeable will depend on whether the cooler is aperitive or unsweetened. If you’re on a low-carb diet or contrarily actuality alert of your amoroso intake, you’ll appetite to go with an absinthian version.


Many non-dairy milks are adherent with capital nutrients, such as calcium, vitamin B12, and vitamin D. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, it can be adamantine to get abundant of those nutrients after bistro adherent foods. Levels of these nutrients will alter by brand, so get into the addiction of account comestible panels to acquisition out what’s best for you if you’re attractive to optimize your assimilation of specific nutrients. 

Added ingredients

Speaking of account diet panels, consistently booty a attending at the ingredients, too. The healthiest foods are those that don’t accommodate a lot of chemicals or added additives. Unfortunately, aloof because a aliment seems healthy, it doesn’t beggarly it doesn’t accommodate adverse ingredients. 

Store-bought oat milk may accommodate phosphates, accepted additives in candy foods that  accept been linked to branch disease. Phosphates are generally acclimated in candy meats and fast food. If you’re bistro these types of foods or you apperceive you’re at accident of branch problems, oat milk may not be the best dairy another for you. If you’re anxious about phosphates, attending for a milk cast that doesn’t use them, or accomplish your own.

How does it taste?

Taste may be a chief agency for abounding bodies back selecting a dairy alternative. Afterwards all, if you’re attractive for article to add to your morning coffee, you don’t appetite to ruin the flavor.

Oat milk has been declared as buttery and tasty. It’s additionally said to alloy able-bodied with coffee. If you’re application a aperitive version, you may not alike charge to add added aspartame back application oat milk in your coffee. It’s additionally said to assignment able-bodied in affable or baking.

Almond milk, as could be expected, has a balmy acidity with a adumbration of nuttiness. Altered brands will accept hardly altered flavors, so you may appetite to try a few to acquisition your favorite.

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