One Piece Finally Explains Joy Boy Fully and Changes Everything

With the Satan Fruit Awakening, Luffy unleashes his new energy, changing into the “Liberation Warrior” who takes on Joyboy’s mantle.

Warning: Comprises spoilers for Episode 1044 A chunk

baby of pleasure has all the time been one one piece Essentially the most mysterious figures, and for the previous 900 years, there was little proof that they ever existed. Pleasure Boy was first hinted at in One Piece episode 628, when Nico Robin reads the Ryugu Poneglyph within the Sea Forest. Pleasure Boy’s title has been referenced a number of occasions since then, however in episode 1044, a lot of Pleasure Boy’s lore is revealed for the primary time.

After studying the traditional Ryugu Poneglyph within the Sea Forest, Nico Robin ponders its which means, saying it might be a letter of apology to the Fishmen. It was additionally revealed that former Pirate King Gol D. Roger wished to reside in the identical period as Pleasure Boy after studying the true historical past of the world in The Snigger Story. Each of those items of knowledge lead followers to consider that Pleasure Boy is a crucial determine within the annals of historical past, though affirmation of his existence is frequently suppressed by Gorosei and the World Authorities. Additionally noteworthy is the concept “Pleasure Boy” is just not an individual however a mantle worn by anybody attempting to free the world from oppression. This concept is additional supported by King’s perception that Kaido could be a Pleasure Boy-like determine, and Kaido dropping religion that Luffy could be Pleasure Boy.


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In episode 1044, this concept was confirmed to be true, as Zunesha introduced that she might hear the “Drums of Salvation” as soon as once more and introduced that Pleasure Boy had returned. These drums coincide with Luffy’s heartbeat and Satan Fruit Awakening. Moreover, the episode shifts to Gorosei’s perspective, the place it’s revealed that Luffy’s Satan Fruit is just not Gomu Gomu no Mi however really a Legendary Zoan, Hito Hito no Mi: Mannequin Nika. It’s mentioned that the warrior possessing the ability of Nika provides a singular freedom to the physique of the wearer, restrained solely by his creativeness. Additionally, this assertion coincides with the themes of freedom woven all through One Piece, as one in every of Gorosei mentions that the one who has Hito Hito no Mi is the “incarnation” of “Mannequin Nika”, bringing smiles to the faces of these round him. of the liberation fighter.”

All of this data combines to disclose two essential features of One Piece’s lore. Firstly, Luffy is just not the reincarnation of Pleasure Boy, however relatively “Pleasure Boy” appears to be a title given to the one who really has the ability to liberate the world. Second, the Pleasure Boy of the previous does certainly have the powers of Hito Hito no Mi: Mannequin Nika as Zunesha, a centuries-old entity, associates this Satan Fruit Awakening with the presence of her lengthy misplaced companion.

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