One Piece: Franky’s Cybernetics, Announced

Franky is the shipbuilder of the Straw Hat Pirates. A piece, but he is better known by his enemies for his cybernetic body, which grants him various surprising and frightening abilities. It’s clear that Eiichiro Oda really enjoyed finding all the different weapons and gadgets that could fit in a cyborg body, and that’s what makes Franky’s fights the most fun of the series. Franky’s strange body came about out of necessity. As a young man, he was badly injured after being run over by Puffing Tom, a sea train built by his teacher Tom, that connects several islands on the Grand Line. Already a skilled mechanic, Franky was able to free himself using parts of an abandoned ship, thus becoming a cyborg, giving his body the name Battle Franky 36. He has continued to make periodic changes to his body since then.


A notorious scientist in the service of the World Government, Dr. A lot of people showed up while spending the two-year time jump in Vegapunk’s lab. From this point forward, this incarnation of his body becomes Battle Franky 37. Battle Franky 38 is the giant General Franky robot led by Franky. Before we get into the details of Franky’s changes, it’s important to understand how her body works in general. Franky’s cybernetics works with a supply of Coke, which he must refill regularly by opening a compartment in his torso. If Coke goes low, he won’t be able to use most of his powers, but he will retain some of the super strength and stamina that buffs give him. Franky can use other liquids as fuel, but these are not optimal and will alter and weaken both her hairstyle and personality. It is important to note that Franky’s front is particularly well protected against physical attacks, able to withstand gunfire, but his back, which he cannot reach, is much more vulnerable.

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Attack Powers

Franky’s body is filled with different weapons that he uses regularly in battle. Franky can breathe both fire and nail volley, starting with his mouth. It also has a strong bite, as its jaws are made of steel. In the BF36 incarnation, Franky had small balls on his shoulders that, though strong, could dislodge them. After the time warp, Franky made his shoulders a lot bigger and now they are firing cannon fire as well as missiles.

As the BF36, Franky’s arms served largely different functions; the right side was used for melee attacks and the left side was used for firing long-range weapons. Franky’s right forearm and hand can be separated from his body by a chain that connects them (a technique called the Strong Right), allowing him to use it as a swing or throw it at enemies. The arm under the skin is made of steel, so it is much stronger. Franky’s left arm in this form can quickly fire explosive pellets from his wrists (Guns Left). He could also shoot a bullet through his finger with it.

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