One Piece Hero Rescues Straw Hats With Powerful Naruto Jutsu

Ninja Raizo used a brand new method from Naruto to avoid wasting Luffy, the Straw Hat and lots of different key characters in One Piece.

Warning: comprises spoilers A chunk episode #1046

Pirates and ninjas often do not have a lot in frequent, however on the earth A chunk, a hero shinobi saved each principal character within the sequence utilizing a direct method. naruto.

wano island, A chunk‘s present (and longest) arc. A ruling class of samurai serving underneath a shogun was strongly impressed by feudal Japan with the usurper Kurozumi Orochi. In such an atmosphere, ninjas couldn’t be lacking, and Luffy and his crew met a ninja in episode 817, lengthy earlier than they even reached Wano. Raizo of the Mist is a ninja and servant of the Kozuki clan, one of many 9 Pink Scabbards who served the legendary samurai Kozuki Oden 20 years earlier than present occasions within the sequence. Raizo, alongside together with his three Pink Scabbard pals and Oden’s son Momonosuke, was despatched 20 years later by Oden’s spouse, Toki’s forces, to guard her son and put together the riot towards Orochi.


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After Raizo left Wano to seek out allies, he was separated from his pals. He managed to succeed in Zou, the land of the Mink tribe, Kozuki’s longtime ally, the place Luffy and the opposite Straw Hats met him. At all times curious pirates requested Raizo to reveal his ninjutsu methods, which he reluctantly did. He appears impressed by all his methods naruto‘ together with jutsu, shadow clone jutsu, and jutsu summoning. In reality, Raizo seems to pay homage to ninja portrayals in varied media. narutoand that makes quite a lot of sense contemplating that the artists behind these two best-selling manga, Masashi Kishimoto and Eiichiro Oda, are literally good pals and naruto even paid homage A chunk within the final panel. Coincidentally, each Japanese and English voice actors voiced Raizo within the anime. naruto characters.

in chapter 1046 A chunk (Cited Misty Raizo), the warfare between the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai alliance and Kaido forces was about to return to an sudden conclusion. Because the flames created by Kanjuro’s dying method unfold all through the complete Onigashima Fortress, everybody concerned within the battle was on the verge of being burned alive or suffocated. Even Luffy and Kaido, preventing for supremacy on the roof, acknowledged the hazard, however that is when Raizo stepped in. Maki Maki no Mi, A Paramecia-type Satan Fruit that permits him to create and manipulate scrolls, which he can use to seal and retailer the objects inside, after which launch them. Whereas in Zou, he used his energy to retailer a powerful quantity of ocean water and deposited it at Onigashima Fortress. Because of Jinbe’s means to govern water, that big present unfold by means of the halls and corridors, saving everybody from a horrible demise.

Many ninjas in Naruto use scrolls to summon objects in a method known as fūinjutsu, particularly Tintin, a kunoichi, and a member of Group Man. However Raizo’s epic intervention is of even larger significance. Twenty years in the past, his grasp failed to avoid wasting Oden and watched helplessly as Kaido set the Kozuki fort on fireplace. Raizo swore he would by no means be this helpless once more, and true to his phrase, he saved all his allies, together with each member of the Straw Hat crew. It was a good looking second that confirmed how a lot Oda values ​​and respects even his secondary characters. narutoone of many few manga in historical past to return shut A chunk when it comes to success and recognition.

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